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Scandal Season 3 By the Numbers

Scandal Season 3

Another season of Scandal has ended and Shonda Rhimes has left us all up in our emotions. Where did Jake and Olivia go? Is Harrison dead? How long will Mama Pope be in the hole? Will Fitz ever get up off the floor? We’ll have to wait until the fall to find out, but in the meantime let’s take a look back at season three, by the numbers. Note: These were tallied after a 2-day, 18-episode marathon session so keep that in mind when considering accuracy.

Fitz Sex Scenes: 2
Jake Sex Scenes: 2
Fitz Kisses: 5
Jake Kisses: 5
Glasses of Wine Consumed by Olivia: 19
Lives Ruined by Olivia and Co.: 5

(This includes Janine Locke, the woman who took the fall for the Olivia Fitz affair – although, she later got a book deal – and Mary, the woman who died thinking her son was a terrorist when he was really a hero.)

Papa Pope Monologues: 8
Number to Times Mama Pope Was Strutting Around in Public Like She Wasn’t a Wanted Terrorist: 4


Scandal Season 3 Finale Maya

Number of Times Quinn Did Something That Made Us Wish Her Dead: 13

(This includes digging into Papa Pope when she first met him, following Huck to his meetings, bugging the shit outta Huck, hooking up with Charlie, falling into B613, pulling a gun on Olivia, and just generally being Quinn.)

Number of Times Someone said “Gladiator”: 7
Deaths: *22

(This includes James, Adnan, Demitri, Claire, Dominic, and Daniel Douglas. *We estimated five men sent after Papa Pope by Jake and Huck and there wasn’t a definite number of casualties in the church explosion.) 

Shirtless Jake: 4


Scandal Jake and Olivia

Dead-On Song Placements: 7

(This includes “Superfreak” by Rick James when Janine was revealed as Fitz’s mistress, “The Best Thing That Ever Happened to Me” when Cyrus and James shared their first dance and, of course, “Papa Was a Rolling Stone” in the finale.)

Number of Times We Thought James Would Die: 3
Number of Times James Did Die: 1
Drunk Mellie: 6

Drunk Mellie

Number of People Killed By Huck: 1
Mentions of Making Jam: 4
Number of Times Olivia Got Gripped Up By Someone: 3
Number of Times We Saw Baby Teddy: 3
Number of Times We Saw Baby Ella: 1


The Season’s Most Memorable Quotes:


“How presidential are my balls now, Cy?” – Fitz

“You are getting on that plane come hell or high water, and let me be clear: I am the hell and the high water.” – Eli Pope

“We got Pope’d, sir.” – Ethan

“Yum yum, crispy piggy! Yum yum!” – Sally Crazy-Ass Langston

“You take everything from me!” – Mellie Grant

“Were we ever people? Or did serving at the pleasure of the president help us to shed our pesky skins and unmask us as the monsters we really are?” – Cyrus Beene

“I want us to stand in the sun together.” – Jake Ballard



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