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Scandal’s Ultimate Gladiator

My name is Nina and I’m a Scandal addict. I watch each episode at least three times, I root for the oh-so-wrong-but-oh-so-right Olitz, I also root for Olivia and Jake because, damn, Scott Foley is hot, too. I love Cyrus despite his ways, I need for Harrison to get more airtime (preferably shirtless), and I love to hate Mellie.


The best part of all of this? I get to dish about the show each week with my girlfriends/fellow Scandal addicts. Just when we think we know what Shonda Rhimes has up her sleeve, she leaves us doing the dramatic wall slide.

You can join in the fun by predicting what you think will happen each week, all season long. Get points for your accurate predictions and the person with the most points at the end of the season will win their season of choice of Scandal on DVD or BluRay. Here’s how it will work:

Every Friday you’ll go to our Scandal’s Ultimate Gladiator Facebook app and predict what the characters on the show will do in the upcoming episode. Predictions close at 9pm EST on the day the episode airs. The next day points are awarded for correct predictions and we start a new week of voting for the next episode. Your points carry over each week.

To keep it simple, your choices will always be the main characters on the show: Olivia, Fitz, Cyrus, Huck, Harrison, Abby, Quinn, David, and Mellie. You’ll be able to choose between them for things like, “Will have sex in episode 1” or “Will tell a lie in episode 1.” Should a character become a permanent fixture – like Jake Ballard – we will add them to the choices, but the main nine characters above will always be an option.

Please note that you’ll have to accept the Facebook application the first time you go to play. This is how the app tracks your points and how we’ll be able to notify the winner. If there’s a tie for most points at the end of the season, all qualifying names will be put into a hat and a winner drawn at random. The leader board will only track new (first-run) episodes of the 3rd season of Scandal – no repeats.

Gladiators, are you ready? Go make your predictions for Scandal S3E1 ‘It’s Handled,” which premieres on ABC Thursday, October 3rd at 10pm EST. Voting closes on that day at 9pm EST. And make sure you visit Project Fandom on Friday October 4th for my episode recap!

Play now!


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