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Review: Scarlet Spiders #2

Previously in Spider-Verse Team-Up #2

Scarlet Spiders #2 Cover

When last we saw our Spider Clones, Ben Reilly was in an Iron Man suit and escorting Kaine as a “prisoner” to see Jennix. Unfortunately, they were stopped by Johnny Storm, head of security. Jessica Drew was off somewhere kicking ass (causing a distraction).

Storm is immediately suspicious, but before he can call for backup, Kaine goes invisible and attacks. Johnny flames on, but he’s no match for Ben’s strength in Iron Man’s suit. The two beat a hasty retreat with Jessica talking them through the elevator shafts using Jennix’s hacked security system as her guide. They eventually find the massive room holding the Inheritors’ clone husks.

Jessica Drew Hacks

Meanwhile, Jennix has turned this world’s most brilliant mind into his servant by wiping the poor man’s memory. He orders him to let the Scarlet Spiders deal with his security team – he has more important matters with his family to see to. IF they make it to his special projects lab, he’ll deal with them then.

Of course, that’s exactly where they end up, and they make a gruesome discovery: Jennix has been attempting to clone Spiders to have an endless supply of food. He hasn’t been too successful and has tanks of mutated Spider totems. He appears and kills his servant.

And he’s happy to see two live clone specimens in his lab.

Jennix 2

Score | 8/10Overall Thoughts:
  • Jennix’s plan makes so much sense. They already know cloning is possible – The Inheritors clone themselves – so why not try to clone their food source?
  • Loved the examination of Kaine in this issue. He’s probably the most terrifying of the different Spiders we’ve met so far.
  • This is the second time an Inheritor has killed someone and it’s illustrated by just showing their hands come into the frame and snap the person’s neck without them even knowing they were there. Creepy as hell.
  • So, Jessica’s gonna save the day, right? Right?
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