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Scream Queens – S1E10 – Thanksgiving

Previously on Scream Queens, ‘Ghost Stories’

Nothing says a Thanksgiving like roast turkey with a side of dysfunction.

The ladies of KKT and their Dickie Dollar Scholar counterparts have scattered to the winds for Thanksgiving. Someone may be a grifter and we get to meet two new families, both terrible in their own rights.

Images: FOX

Images: FOX

Tad (Alan Thicke), Bunny (Julia Duffy), Thad (Patrick Schwarzenegger, yes that Schwarzenegger) and Brad (Chad Michael Murray) round out the family Radwell – the absolutely terrible family Radwell. Julia’s Buffy hits the ground running with some of the shadiest shade thrown toward Chanel and followed up by Thicke’s Tad.

Bunny: “We have a newcomer this year. So let’s all give a tolerant round of applause to our newcomer, Chanel… Oberlin”

Tad: “Welcome, Chanel. Chad hasn’t mentioned you… ever.”

The interaction between Chanel’s usually confident self and the Radwells is cringe-worthy; for every attempt to impress the Radwells, Chanel is met with biting opposition. The atmosphere doesn’t improve after Hester shows up, alive, “pregnant,” and donning her bedazzled neck brace.

“ I don’t understand how this keeps happening! Is this meat locker a wormhole to an alternate universe or something?” – Chanel

Scream Queens S1 E10 Hester and Chanel

Tad calls Chanel on the carpet for being an imposter, which is potentially confirmed during a one-sided voicemail message to her mother. The ultimate show of disrespect comes during a rousing game of Pictionary, Radwells vs The Chanels, word or phrase “neck brace whore.” After the onslaught of insults and the Radwells correctly guessing the phrase, Chanel is fed up and makes a stand. She even defends Hester in this moment and they retreat to join their KKT family for dinner.

Earmuffs returns home for a Swenson family dinner. Their empire is built on none other than affordable frozen entrees. YUCK! As the black sheep of the family, for reasons we know not, she is relegated to the servants’ table. Nobody puts Earmuffs in the corner. In a move reminiscent of Angela Bassett setting her husband’s car aflame in Waiting to Exhale, Earmuffs turns her back on the Swensons and heads home.

Scream Queens E1 E10 Pete and Wes

Dean Munsch, ZayDay, Grace, Chanels #3 and 5, Wes, and Handsome Pete have a non-traditional Thanksgiving meal together, but not before they hash out clues that could lead to the killer. Wes and Grace receive the most damaging tidbits as potential killers. Grace for the obvious reasons and Wes, well for being a man-slut in his college years. Apparently, Wes, you are the father of Grace, and Boone, and the third unknown child. Say WHAT? Weston was doing some ungloved humping around in the 90s and fathered 3 children with 2 different ladies of KKT. Scandalous. And for the first time, I considered someone else the potential sister and Devil.

Chanel and Hester join the gang just in time for dinner. The table is set, the sides are displayed and the silver roaster filled with a freshly dressed turkey makes its way to the table, but wait, that’s no turkey, it’s the severed head of Gigi. I guess having a sibling kill her brother was the last straw for this Red Devil killer. She has gone rogue.

Who done it?

Hester, while creepy, has been bumped by Chanel #5. I’m sure this is some red herring trickery by Ryan Murphy, but considering the way she has been treated and her off kilter ways, she is as likely a suspect as Hester at this point.

Dean Munsch outs herself as the one who killed her husband. How so? The same sulfites she is supposedly allergic to are in the wine she was drinking.

I told you so moment

“We know Hester isn’t dead and that fall probably cured her scoliosis. “ – Kituria G.

It’s like this show filmed the episode after reading my recap.

With Gigi out of the picture, who will guide the Red Devil to her next kill? At this point, I am not sure if I care who dies, I just want to know who is behind the mask.

Scream Queens S1E10
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