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Scream Queens – S1E11 – Black Friday

Previously on Scream Queens, ‘Thanksgiving’

Questionable evidence and knee-jerk responses lead the ladies of KKT on a road to murder.

The ineptitude of the police department is brought to a head when the entire police force is laid off due to overspending. This opens the door for Denise Hemphill to land her dream job as Chief of Police.  This also left the college town and campus of Wallace University at the mercy of the remaining Red Devil killer.

Images: FOX

Images: FOX

Chanel continues the season of giving by treating the Chanels to a shopping spree on Black Friday. As with anything Chanel does, there is a twist, she aims to buy them the worst gifts possible and herself the best. Always the giver that Chanel, always the giver. Nothing good comes from a shopping excursion with the ladies of KKT, limited police force, and a blood thirsty Red Devil.  Chanel, for reasons I’ll get into later, stands her ground against the killer during the mall attack, only to receive a non-lethal shot with an arrow, and then is rescued by the new police chief.  One of Denise’s officers was killed during the melee.

Scream Queens S1 E11 Dean Munsch Frozen

Armed with the final piece of flimsy evidence, Chanel O. devises a plan to kill Dean Munsch, because of course she is the Red Devil killer. So how do you kill a Dean? Poison, yes! Fail. Freeze dried Dean-cicle, but of course! Also, a fail. At what point do you just give up and turn her into the police?

The big(?) reveal

Pete’s ties to Boone are revealed during the reading of his will. Boone was Pete’s inside source to fraternity-life on campus.  Grace catches up with Pete while he is packing his bug-out bag to skip town. Things start getting a little bow chicka-wow-wow, but Pete is hesitant. WHY? Because he doesn’t want her first time to be with a murderer. (dun dun dun)

Alright. Well, guess that wraps things up in neat bow. But alas we have two more episodes. So on with more theories, I’m probably putting too much thought into this, but here it goes:

1) Pete may be a killer, but I still don’t think he is the killer. The second baby in the painting was in pink, and if we are going by the generic pink and blue rules, pink would indicate girl, killer number two should be female.

SQ S1 E11 Painting of Gigi and Babies

2) If Pete was the murderer that bug-out bag would have been packed weeks ago. If I’m hypothetically going on a revenge spree, my bag is packed. Hypothetically.

3) I think he was recruited as a filler killer later on, specifically to make a show at the mall.  You don’t graze Chanel O. (who didn’t even bleed by the way) and then manage to kill the police officer.

4) There are 4 people who are both annoying and convincing enough to get Pete in on the action: Denise, Chanel O, ZayDay and Hester. Only two of them could be the other baby based on race.

5) I know, I keep saying it but ZayDay is in cahoots.

I got a sneak peak at stills from next week’s two-hour finale. It looks like there is an unlikely pairing in bumping uglies department. Maybe we will get the answers we are looking for. Who is the killer? Where are Chanel’s parents? What do Chanel #3’s ears look like? But best of all, the finale should be filled with quotables from Chanel, Denise, and Chad. This is my Christmas wish.

Scream Queens S1E11
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  1. “What do Chanel #3’s ears look like?”

    Almost a greater mystery than “Who is the Red Devil?”

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