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Scream Queens – S1E3 – Chainsaw

Previously on Scream Queens, ‘Pilot/Hell Week’

This week’s episode picks right up where we left off last week.

On a late night snack run, ZayDay shares her misgivings about Handsome Pete with Grace. Grace makes all the excuses she can, as we do when we are smitten. They have a run in with some poor sap in a Devil costume.

Scream Queens S1E3 - ZayDay

Images: FOX

Security Denise proves to be good for something. She determines the stains on ChanelAriana Grande’s carpet are blood. She also shows Grace and ZayDay, Chanel #2s last text. They put on their Harriet the Spy caps and seek answers in Bel Air. During their visit with #2’s parents – Charisma Carpenter and Roger Bart – Chad Radwell is revealed as being her paramour.

Dean Munsch discontinues the use of The Devil mascot, and he is replaced by Coney the Soft Serve Ice Cream Cone. Coney gets more trim than a barbershop. Coney gets more licks than a Tootsie Pop. Coney gets his head chainsawed off by The Devil. There can only be one, Coney. There can only be one.

Scream Queens S1E3 - RIP Coney

Dean Munsch takes passive aggression to a whole new level during her tennis match with Gigi, it ends with her telling Gigi she has dibs on Wes.

Girl…bye, go bang a flunking co-ed.

Chanel O. channels her inner Cher Horowitz and gives Neckbrace a makeover; welcome to the club Chanel #6. Earmuffs and Aggressive Lez (does she have a name?) form an alliance. And we find out Chanels #3 and 5 have also slept with Chad. This guy’s wang is going to fall off before the season is over.

Scream Queens - S1E3 Makeover

After last week’s petty theft, Pete followed up on the name Greenwell. She was a KKT sister and scholar as noted by her C and D transcript, who dropped out of college 2 credits short of her degree. Pete found her current residence and she is only 6 hours away. ROAD TRIP!

The Dickie Dollar Scholars seek vigilante justice to avenge the murder of Brother Boone. Douching it up and down the streets of Wallace University, they quickly find themselves surrounded by two devil costume clad murderers. One of the Devil’s hesitates in killing Chad, but makes short work of Brother Bradley Cooper.

Scream Queens S1E3 - Dickie Dollar Scholars

Gigi is attacked by the Devil during her first night in the KKT house. Wes busts in to save the day, but not before he gets a sliced in the shoulder by the Devil, who ultimately escapes.

Who done it?

No clue. There are too many people with motive and opportunity to be Devil#1. The only thing we know for sure is that Boone is alive and in cahoots with Devil#1

Choice of murder weapon:

This episode everyone was killed or attacked with a chainsaw. I like the consistency even if it was telegraphed pretty heavily during the film class scene. Hopefully, each episode features a weapon of choice versus the mish-mash of slayings during episodes 1 and 2.

Scream Queens S1E3 - Devil with a Chainsaw

Quotes of the night:

“Last night I got spit-roasted by two hot golf frat twins.” – Chanel #5

Little Miss Sunshine said she was both spit-roasted and Eiffel Towered within 30 seconds of each other. I am not sure if I should be empowered by her sexuality or shed a tear for this grown up Abigail Breslin.

“I heard munching box is what killed Michael Douglas.” – Chanel #3

Her delivery of this line was so matter of fact, like Michael Douglas didn’t just star in a blockbuster this summer.

LOL Moments:

Coney’s death set to Wham!

Songs of the Night:

“Tha Crossroads” Bone Thugs-N-Harmony-played during the introduction of the Black British Guy, Earl Grey, and the Take Back the Night vigil.

“Everybody” Backstreet’s Back-Backstreet Boys- played during Dickie Dollar Scholars vigilante justice.

Cast Note:

Game-score-8Billie Lourd portrays Chanel #3 and she is the daughter of none other than Carrie Fisher. If you pay attention to her voice she sounds very similar to her superstar mom.

This episode was solidly funny and had much better pacing than last week’s two-hour premiere. The song choices were smart and not overwhelming. I’m hoping episodes 4 and 5 offer more clues to the killers and their motives.

What did you think? Do you know who the killers are?

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  1. Great summary!

    And THANK YOU for pointing out the Wham! song. It’s such a fun song. And it’s SO GAY (actually what Wham! song isn’t??). Anyway, it makes my gay ass move everytime I hear it.

    And, awesome trivia on Chanel #3. “You’re right, you’re right, I know you’re right” (<---- Carrie Fisher quote from "When Harry Met Sally") She totally, totally sounds like her mom!

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