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Scream Queens – S1E6 – 7 Minutes in Hell

Previously on Scream Queens, ‘Pumpkin Patch’

Slumber party, power outage and murder. Oh, MY! The ladies of KKT continue to be at the mercy of The Devil. Earmuffs takes action on her feelings for Sam. ZayDay is the change KKT needs.

Images: FOX

Images: FOX

ZayDay Williams, I mean new President ZayDay Williams declares the first event under her reign to be a slumber party. It’s like they want to be murdered in their sleep, or waking hours. After the power goes out, the Dickie Dollar scholars join the girls for a panty raid and The Devil breaks up a rousing game of 7 Minutes in Heaven, sending co-presidents Chanel O and ZayDay on a hunt for a killer and a way out of Kappa House.

Scream Queens S1 E6 Truth or Dare

Slumber Party Games Gone Awry

A game of Spin the Bottle confirms that Earmuffs has some confusing feelings for Sam; only for those feeling to be turned on their ear after a series of reveals: Why does Chanel #3 wear her signature earmuffs? A stalker was obsessed with her ears and threatened to cut them off the next time he saw her. Something we knew, but everyone else didn’t: Earmuff’s father is Charlie Manson. This information sends Sam on a life-ending dare, involving a nap in the sorority death tub. This is the only episode where we actually get to see Sam without that damn hat, vest, and button up shirt combo, and she is extremely cute and covered in colorful tattoos. Too bad she is gone. RIP, Sam.

7 Minutes in Heaven: Chad commits to only bang Chanel O and she retracts her pledge to be his forever. Chanel #5 has an awkward make out session with the living twin and he is murdered with a nail gun by The Devil. Chanel #5 can’t catch a break.

Scream Queens S1 E6 The Devil

Co-Presidential Escape

Zayday and Chanel O traverse through the secret tunnels of KKT; they are chased down and almost caught by The Devil. If The Devil was a cannibal, I’d say he likes to play with his food. There were some capoeira style evasive moves used by ZayDay before she is “saved” by Chanel O by knocking out the killer out with a strategically placed potted plant.

New Alliances Formed, Old Ones Stay True

After escaping the clutches of The Devil, ZayDay and Chanel O are the new Barack and Joe, at least for the night. Chanels #3 and 5 pledge to out live and outlast Chanel O. And the rest, well, they better learn how to bob and weave or else they are at The Devil’s mercy.

Wes tries to pull the dad card and take Grace home. After a tantrum and support by ZayDay, Grace stays put and Wes backs off. I am not a parent, but I am someone’s child and I know my mom would have put up significantly more of a fight than Wes.

The show will return on Tuesday night’s after the World Series champion has been declared.

Scream Queens S1E7
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This was truly a filler episode used to eliminate another sister and a couple of Dickies as well as draw a line in the sand against Chanel O. It was a nice change of pace to see Chanel O do something for one of her sisters versus being Queen B. Sadly missing was Denise Hemphill. I have been remiss in my praise of Niecy Nash as the quirky campus security guard. Her snappy delivery and demeanor really bring that character to life; she steals most scenes and I would have preferred her over Dean Munsch this episode.

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