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Scream Queens – S1E7 – Beware of Young Girls

Previously on Scream Queens, ‘Seven Minutes in Hell’

The stress of hosting Chanel #2’s memorial service – where Chanel O. got to tell a room full of mourners what a dirty backstabber Chanel #2 was – sends Chanel O into the loving arms of cookies. The other Chanels suggest she contact Chanel #2 with a Ouija board to air her feelings.

Images: FOX

Images: FOX

After the spirit proves itself to the other girls by accurately revealing how many tampons Chanel #2 has in her purse, it says Chanel O is the one doing all of the killing on campus. The Chanels decide to kill Chanel O to stop the murders.

Chanel #2 appears to Chanel O and reveals the plot and also apologizes for all the shitty things she did to her when she was alive. She inspires Chanel O to reach out to the other girls and reassert herself as their leader, which Chanel does. And she rallies them to focus on taking out the real killers: Grace and ZayDay. We’ll see how long that lasts.


The highlight of this episode is the reveal that Dean Munsch’s ex-husband cheated on her with (and left her for) a younger woman, a Kappa named Feather. Feather tells her story of being stalked by Munsch and is more than willing to help Grace and Pete prove she’s the Red Devil murderer.

Of course, the ex-husband chooses now to get himself murdered and Dean Munsch is arrested for the crime. After an elaborate set-up involving deli meat is revealed, Feather is arrested for the murder (despite her cries of innocence) and placed in a mental institution. Dean Munsch later reveals to us that she did, in fact, murder her ex and framed Feather.


Who done it?

Gigi lays into one of her co-conspirators, demanding that he kill the OTHER co-conspirator because they are not in the business of kidnapping (ZayDay), but the business of murder. At this point, I’m going to say her accomplices are Pete and Earl Grey, because I’m lazy and confused.

Lines of the Night

“I don’t trust a girl with a huge bush of pubic hair. Makes me think she has something to hide.” – Dean Munsch

“Why do you have nine tampons in your purse? How big is your cooch?” – Chanel O.


Such Shade

“Of course they’re (Oujia boards) real. Didn’t you see the movie?” – Chanel #6

“Ouija? No! No one did!” – Chanel O.

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