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Scream Queens – S1E9 – Ghost Stories

Previously on Scream Queens, ‘Mommie Dearest’ 

Boone, being an exceptional master of disguise is confronted by Earmuffs and mistakes him for a ghost; playing this to his advantage Boone reconnects with Chad, tries to hook up with ZayDay, and confronts Gigi. Someone fakes a pregnancy and Denise spent the last evening in the KKT house being, well, Denise.

Scream Queens S1 E9 Denise

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Denise Gonna Denise

Now that she is no longer security, Denise is taking her role as housemother very seriously. Part of this involves comforting the ladies of KKT with horror stories meant to put them at ease. She almost falls victim to her terrible story telling, but narrowly escapes being killed by the Red Devil.

Boone’s Return

SURPRISE! Well, not really. Boone is not gay and he wants to bone ZayDay because once you go Black you never go back… to being dead. You can’t blame the man for trying. He vies for ZayDay’s lady lumps/affections by trying to seduce her with his date shirt and pretty flowers. The look on her face said: He could get it. Or was that my face? This plan fails miserably and he licks his wounds by killing Earl Grey. In his attempt to kill Gigi, he delivers the “I’m going to die in a few moments” monologue; before he is murdered by his masked sibling, he hits us with a few truth bombs:

  • Scream Queens S1 E9 BooneThis plan to take down KKT and Wallace University has been in the works for 20 years.
  • He grew up in the asylum.
  • He spent 4 years learning to slow his breathing and heart rate in order to fool the coroner.
  • He studied film makeup for 8 months to perfect the neck wound.
  • He has spent his entire life working towards this plan and holds a strong resentment towards Gigi.

Chanel O vs Chanel #5

These two are at again. Chad proposes to Chanel O – he wants to take her home for the holidays, but not if Chanel #5 has anything to do with it. Chanel #5 pulls the oldest trick in the book by telling the Chanels she is pregnant. Guess who rescinds his invitation to Casa de Radwell? And guess who gets a polite shove down a flight of stairs for her lies? Looks like Chanel O can start packing for a weekend with her future in-laws.

Scream Queens S1 E9 Earmuffs Chanel O Chanel number 5

A Moment of Kudos

I feel I have been remiss in my adoration for Niecy Nash as Denise Hemphill. Niecy’s Denise is so charming and funny I can’t help but love every moment she is on screen. I don’t know how much improv Ryan Murphy allows on his shows, but so much of what she says and does feels off-the-cuff.

Glen Powell (slow clap), his delivery of Chad’s imbecilic lines is perfection. I find myself snort-laughing when he and Emma Roberts share a scene.

Scream Queens S1E9
  • 10/10
    Chanels Aint Shitness - 10/10
  • 5/10
    Music - 5/10
  • 5/10
    Murder Most Foul - 5/10


This was not my favorite episode. It tied up some loose ends with Boone but that is really it. We know Hester isn’t dead and that fall probably cured her scoliosis. I’m waiting for her to be revealed as baby #2. I remain convinced that ZayDay is in cahoots with the killers even though she isn’t one and handsome Pete was conspicuously missing from this episode. Next week we meet Chad’s family, which offers some fine casting of his father and one of the brothers.

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