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Season 8 of Dexter Teaser Trailers

I only recently got into watching Dexter. By “recently”, I mean “a few weeks ago, I marathoned all seven seasons”; yes, I’m one of those people. I would try to put some of the blame for this on the fact that Showtime Anytime (Showtime’s on-demand service) places an expiration date on their programs; this meant I had to watch every episode before today, when season 7 is set to expire. That would be untrue, though; I’m really just that kind of hermit who holes up in front of the television and devours things whole. Picture No-Face fromSpirited Away, but with bed sores, popcorn, and week-old clothes.


Dexter Posters

When you watch every episode in such close succession, you notice the seasons are fairly formulaic. It’s such a strong formula, though, that it doesn’t matter—at all—that you may be able to predict some things that are going to happen, well before they happen. What matters is that the show is insanely entertaining—so much so, that I was glued to every single episode for the 10 days or so that it took me to watch the series.

I imagine there are millions of Dexter fans out there anxiously awaiting season 8 on June 30th; however, because I just watched the whole thing without having seen it before, I feel like having the entire series fresh on my mind makes me a little more eager than most to get back to Miami Metro Homicide, blood spatter analysis, and laminates.

Here’s another trailer for the 8th season, but it’s all kinds of spoilerific (of the first seven seasons), so I’m not embedding it.

Are you looking forward to Dexter? This season is potentially the final one; do you want there to be another one, or do you feel like it has ran its course?

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