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Review: Secret Wars #2

Previously in Secrets Wars #1

The first time I read this, I thought, “What the fuck did I just read?” Then someone on Twitter said, “It’s Marvel meets Game of Thrones.” So, I read it again and it clicked. Then I realized I kinda liked it. A lot.

Secret Wars #2 Cover

After the incursion, a new world was born and it’s ruled by Doom. We’re taken on a tour of this world by a young man who has just become a Thor on Doomsgard. Thors are enforcers of the law. Each kingdom handles its own legal matters, but when there are issues between kingdoms, the throne gets involved. This is why new Thor is accompanying an elder Thor to pick up Baron Sinister.


Sinister has been accused of various offenses by house Braddock. Once before Doom and his high court, Sinister is found guilty. He chooses to meet one of the Braddocks in combat instead of paying the fines given to him – this is a special luxury afforded to Barons (house leaders). After losing his head – and getting it back again – Sinister bests young Brian Braddock. Before he can deliver the death blow, Doom stops the proceedings.

The Braddock’s kingdom, Higher Avalon, sits below Manhattan, which is rumored to be an ideal location to access The Silent Chambers, home to rebels who plot against Doom. He has heard Braddock may be in league with them and wants their location. Brian doesn’t know, and Doom is about to have him killed when the older Braddock brother, James, steps forward and takes responsibility. Doom means to punish the entire family, but his wife Susan convinces him to show mercy. James alone is sentenced to The Shield.

Sue asks for mercy

The Thors escort James to this massive wall which separates the kingdoms from some fucking scary-ass places. James is allowed a helmet and a weapon and then jumps off the wall into the darkness below. He encounters all manners of terrors and fights his way through. To what? We don’t get to see.

Meanwhile, Doom’s daughter Valeria meets with his sheriff, Stephen. They represent the dueling ideologies of Doom: science and religion. Her office has found something in the kingdom of Utopolis and data suggests this structure predates when Doom supposedly “created” everything. Of course, he can’t have that getting out so Stephen orders the same two Thors (this rookie is having a busy day!) to head over there and quarantine the area.

But it turns out what they’ve found is actually a ship. The doors open and Thanos steps out with his crew. They kill all but one (I think the rookie Thor also gets away so he can warn the throne), who tells Thanos the name of the world they’re on is Battleworld.

Score | 8/10Overall Thoughts:
  • This can be pretty confusing if you’re not well acquainted with the many Marvel characters. There are some which are pretty obvious like, Sue being Sue Storm and it would make sense that in this world he “created,” Doom made her his wife.
  • There’s a great map of Battleworld which helped in making sense of it all. You can view it here.
  • I’m still having an issue with the facial expressions in this series. The worst being the open-mouth look of horror and shock. It looks so ridiculous every.damn.time.
  • Between the mention of the Hulks and the names of some of these kingdoms, I’m very much looking forward to the upcoming tie-ins.
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