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Review: Secret Wars (2015) #3

Previously in Secret Wars #2

Secret Wars #3 Cover

I may have had Sheriff Strange all wrong. Through a conversation with Doom, we learn that while Strange acknowledges Doom as their god, he also remembers what the world was before the incursion. It was here that I remembered the very beginning of Secret Wars #1: Doom and Strange stood before a consciousness in the form of a bright light. When they made this new world, Strange had the opportunity to be the god, but he didn’t want it. (Note: Who the hell was the third person with them and where is he now?)

Strange is called away to deal with the vessel and the dead Thors who encountered Thanos and crew on Utopolis. He sends a few Thors after them and then calls out to the person he knows is still hiding inside: it’s Spider-Man Miles Morales. He snuck aboard the ship to figure out what Thanos was up to when the world appeared before the dome. Strange is shocked to hear Miles remembers what happened before the incursion.

Strange Finds Miles Morales

Strange takes Miles and the rookie Thor from issue #1 to The Hidden Isle of Agamotto. It’s his private sanctum where not even Doom can find him. He breaks the news that Miles’ (Thanos’) vessel wasn’t the first one he’s found. If that one held survivors from the time before, maybe the first vessel does as well. He asks the Thor to open it and sure enough, there are people inside: Spider-Man (Peter Parker), Captain Marvel, Thor (Jane Foster), Star Lord, Cyclops, Black Panther, and Reed Richards. Their emergency vessel did its job and protected them.

Strange explains they’ve been in stasis for eight years when the new world was born after the other two collided. He notes that most people have no memory of their prior world. Then he drops two bombs: 1. Victor Von Doom is a god who rules over everything and 2. Strange found their vessel three years ago and kept it in stasis that entire time.

Other Survivors

They’re furious, of course, especially Reed, who lost his wife, Sue Storm, when they were trying to escape. Why did Strange keep them hidden for so long? Simple. Doom is pretty damn good at being a god.

Meanwhile, Thanos and crew (see cast list here) are in Utopolis, making camp for the night. They’re debating what to do next, which direction to head in order to find answers, and they’re lamenting the fact that they didn’t leave the Thor alive to question him. Thanos isn’t all that concerned for he’s positive answers will come to them. And he’s right because a group of Thors are descending upon them as the speak.

Score | 9.5/10Overall Thoughts: 
  • Awww, shit. I love the revelation that Strange is fully aware of the world before. Maybe you guys picked up on that already, but I’d completely forgotten he was with Doom before the incursion. Still want to know who the third guy is.
  • But what does this mean for the survivors he found? Strange seems to be pretty okay with the way things are. OR maybe that’s just for show. Could he be “the big guy” behind the rebels?
  • During a conversation between Doom and Susan, we learn that her brother Jonathan defied Doom and as punishment he was made into the sun that shines on Battleworld. Trippy.
  • What the hell happened to Victor’s face?
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