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Review: Secret Wars 2099 #1

Marvel, Disney, Hasbro, Mattel, somebody needs to get their shit together when it comes to offering Marvel women characters as toys for children – that’s a fact.

But I cannot deny Marvel has done an excellent job incorporating their women characters (heroes and villains) into their stories. And not just women, but women of color. Secret Wars 2099 is no exception.

Secret Wars 2099 #1 Cover

Nueva York, year 2099, and Tania just wants to get her boyfriend alone for some quality time, but she’s also Black Widow, a member of The Avengers, and duty calls. Her team, led by Captain America, has already arrived on the scene of a jewelry heist. There’s Hercules, who charges in without thinking, and takes a break from the action to hit on a woman whose car he smashed into; Iron Man, whose suit has improved with some serious futuristic upgrades, and Hawkeye, who looks nothing like I last saw him in the Avengers movies – this guy has wings.

Black Widow

When Black Widow arrives, Captain America has to talk her down from killing one of the surrendering culprits. She reminds her they do not kill unless they absolutely have to. Meanwhile, Herc is still being inappropriate as fuck and trying to kiss the woman he “saved.” Cap puts a stop to that as well…. with her fist.

Cap heads to Alchemax, the corporation which employs The Avengers, to check in with Miguel Stone, the CEO. She expresses her concern over Hercules’ behavior and then takes off her helmet. In that moment she begins transitioning into a woman named Roberta, who doesn’t seem to have any memories of what she does as Captain America – and it’s not clear if she even knows she’s Cap. Roberta prepares to go home to her husband and children.

Miguel Stone

Iron Man is also not what he seems. He exits his suit to reveal he’s a little person by the name of Sonny Frisco. Sonny visits The Vision, hoping to get info on their next assignment. She only has a warning for them: friends will arrive, but they shouldn’t trust them. These enemies will call themselves The Defenders.

The Vision

Score | 10/10Overall Thoughts:
  • I’m totally here for a woman of color (who has no problem expressing her sexual desires) being Black Widow and a woman as Captain America.
  • I loved how Cap put Hercules in his place though it was interesting to learn he’s acting out because it’s the anniversary of his wife’s death and he’s apparently responsible for that.
  • Am I supposed to know who Sonny Frisco is?
  • Am I supposed to recognize the name Miguel Stone and why he apparently hates his father?


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