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Review: Secret Wars 2099 #3

Previously in 2099 #2

2099 #3 Cover

The Avengers (Hawkeye, Iron Man, Hercules, Captain America, and Black Widow) are facing off against The Defenders (Doctor Strange, The Hulk, and Silver Surfer) since both groups have an interest in Martin Hargood, the man suspected of being involved in the attempt on Captain America’s life.

Naturally, Hargood takes that opportunity to skidaddle.

Unfortunately for him, though, The Defenders are made up of two more members: Sub-Mariner and Valkyrie, and they arrive just in time to subdue him. Hercules wastes no time in being a complete douche, hitting on Valkyrie despite Sub-Mariner’s very clear protests that she belongs to him. Needless to say, Valkyrie is unimpressed with their dick-measuring and it takes Silver Surfer to put them both on ice.

Hulk Hits Hercules

The Defenders agree to go to Alchemax HQ and meet with Miguel, who immediately hooks Hargood up to an interrogation device created by Iron Man. Doctor Strange isn’t comfortable with it, but Miguel assures her it is safe. And it is… until Hargood dies after swearing they’ll never get any information out of him. Miguel orders him resuscitated to begin the questioning all over again.

Meanwhile, Iron Man expresses his suspicions about The Defenders to Hawkeye – The Vision warned him they were coming and that they were enemies. And Hercules and Sub-Mariner settle their differences with a drinking game which leaves them both shit-faced.

The truce is short-lived.

Score | 8/10Miguel informs their visitors that the law requires all super beings work for Alchemax. As such, The Defenders will now reside at HQ and answer to him. Doctor Strange refuses and tells her team it’s time to go. Miguel has her and Silver Surfer detained and uses his fangs to inject Hulk with a venom that knocks him out. He orders his team to find the rest of them in the building as they are now enemies of the state.

Overall Thoughts:
  • This issue was good, but a bit slow. That said, I’m still here for it – mainly because of the diversity.
  • Oh, but what is getting old? Hercules’ bro attitude.


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