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Secret Wars 2099 #5

Previously in 2099 #4 

I was so disappointed in this final issue, and it pissed me off how disappointed I was. Ugh.

My biggest complaint is that the cliffhangers are too good. Yes, I realize most people would consider exciting cliffhangers a positive thing, but for a series that isn’t officially listed as continuing once Secret Wars is done, it’s unsatisfying.

2099 #5 Cover

Martin Hargood takes advantage of the chaos inside Alchemax’s HQ to break into the Virtual Unreality Laboratory, which he uses to transform himself into Baron Mordo, a giant, stinky squid-like creature that preys on its victim’s fears.

Meanwhile, Roberta is very confused to find herself in The Sanctum of Strange and surrounded by The Defenders. Hercules explains who she really is: Captain America. It’s only when Miguel transmits the activation code through her comms system that she reverts back to Cap. She’s still not willing to turn in The Defenders, but lo and behold: Miguel has had a change of heart and tells her she can bring The Defenders in and they will not be harmed. This might have something to do with needing all the help he can get taking care of Mordo.

Roberta Becomes Captain

They all work together to defeat Mordo and send him through a portal, sealing it behind him. While this is going on, one of the most intriguing twists to the story took place: Miguel murders his father, who confesses he was behind the attempt on Cap’s life. He pleads with his son, saying he has something to tell him, but Miguel pushes him out of a window – wheelchair and all.

I want to know what he had to tell him!

Miguel Kills Dad

With his father dead, Miguel is able to abolish the law which forced The Defenders to join Alchemax. He does so out of appreciation for their help.

Then we exit on the most frustrating cliffhanger in the book: Remember the guy who thought he was going to get laid by Black Widow way back in issue one? Well, she finally gave him some and then does what a Black Widow does best. Her meal is cut short when a call comes in that The Avengers are needed. In a few of the most frightening panels I’ve seen: the silhouette of her interrupted feast.

Eat and Run

Overall Thoughts:

  • Game-score-7.5The art wasn’t always my favorite, but this series was entertaining from beginning to end. Some of the highlights include a beautiful diverse cast of heroes, the homage the series paid to iconic Marvel scenes both old and new, and the dual identities of Captain America and Roberta.
  • Again, the cliffhangers just left me so unsatisfied because they were good and I may never get answers. My biggest questions are: What did Miguel’s dad want to tell him before he died? How is Roberta/Captain America going to deal with her husband when she gets home now that she knows he was aware of what happened to her? What’s the deal with Black Widow? Seems like she’s going all vigilante on men who’ve done women wrong (she told her deadly booty call that he “shouldn’t have killed his last girlfriend.” And I really wouldn’t mind seeing more of that.
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  1. When do they release the trades? I’m gonna be buying about 5 Secret Wars trades

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