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Secret Wars #7 & #8

Previously in Secret Wars #6

When I first heard they were extending Secret Wars’ run by one issue, I was excited. The story was well done (much better than DC’s Convergence event, which debuted around the same time) and I was enjoying the few tie-ins I’d purchased, so I figured more of a good thing can’t be bad, right?


Secret Wars #8

First of all, I didn’t realize several new series (Silk, Ms. Marvel, A-Force, etc.) would debut before the end of Secret Wars. I’ve since started a few of these new series and it’s as if SW didn’t happen. I understand they can only reference it so much without giving away what happens, but it feels like the events in these last three issues are inconsequential now.

Then, to make matters worse, issue #7 felt so unnecessary. It was just a bunch of “let’s get ready to go fight Doom.” The most notable thing to happen was Doom learning that his Thors have turned against him as well. And Sinister proves just how ain’t shit he is when he turns against Doom when the false god needs him most.

I didn’t even bother to write about issue #7. But issue #8 is fantastic.

Thanos and Doom

Ben Grimm stops being the wall and storms Doomgard with everyone else, but allows a moment of sentimentality to be his undoing. Valeria leads her mother to the truth, and to Reed Richards. Star Lord reveals the World Tree’s true nature. Doom faces off with Thanos, and it leads to one of a few jaw-dropping moments in the issue.

Perhaps the best moment: T’Challa arriving with the dead and rocking the Infinity Gauntlet.

I can’t wait to see how it all wraps up. I just wish it hadn’t taken this long.

Secret Wars #8
  • 8/10
    Plot - 8/10
  • 7.5/10
    Art - 7.5/10


Not really much to add here. Most of the action in this issue was great, but it really should have been condensed with issue #7 and let #8 be the finale.

I have said before that I am not a huge fan of the art, but it is really down to the character’s facial expressions. They’re comical and distracting.

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