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Secret Wars #9

Previously in Secret Wars #8

Secret Wars #9

Man. It’s finally over. After stretching this shit out FOR-EVER, Secret Wars is done. And I’m not sure what the hell happened.

Black Panther fought with Doom, but it was just a distraction so Reed would have time to meet with Owen alone. Of course, Doom realizes this and ends up fighting Reed. During the fight, Doom admits that Reed would be a better god than him, and upon hearing that, Owen makes it so. I think.

Black Panther and Doom

According to what I’m able to gather from Valeria’s overly complicated explanation: Owen created new universes (or maybe just one) taking a bit of himself with them to act as an anchor, the Fantastic Four is no more because they’re off observing and documenting these new worlds, and Victor got his face back.

Now we can move on to the All-New, All-Different Marvel… which we already did more than a month ago.


The Reeds

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