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Secrets & Lies – S1E1/S1E2 – The Trail/The Father

I’m just wanna get this out there. I don’t jog. For many reasons. But the main one being the fact that joggers are always either finding bodies or becoming bodies and I’m not interested in that kind of life.


Secrets and Lies S1E1 Cast


Ben Crawford (Ryan Phillipe) is running through the rain, at what I assume is Christmas time, with all the lit up reindeer and whatnot, calling for help. He calls the police because a little boy, still in his Spongebob pajamas (which is achingly sad) is lying dead in a puddle of mud.

Secrets and Lies S1E1 Cornell Sideeye

Detective Andrea Cornell (Juliette Lewis) is all business. She drinks her coffee black, like her heart. She tells Ben his ass is wet and he should change his clothes. Let me tell you, he’s not wet at all. His hair isn’t even damp, so I don’t know what she’s talking about. I feel like she’s patronizing him the entire time she’s questioning him. You can tell she thinks he’s guilty. She’s side-eying him the whole time and not even trying to hide it. She’s grilling him about every damn thing, most of which has nothing to do with anything. Why don’t you ask him what color his underwear is while you’re at. Girl, why you so angry? I have a feeling this will be one of those cases where the lead detective is so focused on the one person they think did it, to the detriment of the case, because they won’t actually be looking for the real killer or any evidence that points them to the real killer. She wants his DNA (which he won’t give), she wants to see his flashlight (which is missing), and she stands outside his door watching him pour coffee like a fucking stalker.


Secrets and Lies S1E1 Cornell Stalking

The Crawford marriage is not a happy one. She’s contemplating divorce, he wants to make things work. I think maybe he cheated on her. Which always happens right before a kid is murdered in these crime shows. To make matters worse, the entire neighborhood is now pointing fingers at him. Detective Cornell taught them all her side-eye glare. His daughter is getting nasty emails about how her dad is a kid killer. Why would you drag a 16 year-old into this, whether her father is a killer or not? Reporters also bombard him and his younger daughter until she’s crying. These people need to learn to act right. There is literally NO evidence he did it, nor any reasons for anybody to be blaming him, yet somebody wrote “CHILD KILLER” on his fence. That whole cul-de-sac turned on him damn quick.


Secrets and Lies S1E1 Child Killer

Ben finally gives up his DNA and it turns out not only did he cheat on his wife, he cheated on her with the dead kid’s mom, and the dead kid (his name is Tom) is HIS SON. I wasn’t expecting that. My mind’s a little blown. He didn’t know Tom was his son and apparently Tom’s mom didn’t know either, but I don’t believe her. Her ass looks shady. She claims she knows who the killer really is and that it was her ex-husband, who came back from war scary and violent. She hasn’t seen her husband since she got a restraining order against him, but Tom had some toys she knows she didn’t buy for him, so she knows he’s been around.

Ben finds his oldest daughter Natalie making a secretive phone call to some dude. He sneaks out to spy on her to see who it is she’s meeting up with. It turns out to be Scott, Tom’s mom’s ex-husband. Ben runs through ongoing traffic like a maniac to rescue her, even though she’s not really in any danger, and Scott peels out of there on his motorcycle. He thinks they’re having some kind of affair so later, under the cover of dark, with his hoodie pulled up and looking like the Unabomber, heads over to Scott’s place, but only finds some aggressive friends of his. Back home, Natalie admits Scott was giving her something to put on Tom’s grave, and she’d been letting Scott see Tom while she babysat him. She is forbidden from seeing him ever again in any capacity.


Secrets and Lies S1E1 Natalie Meets Scott

Ben goes for a jog again. You’d think he’d learn to stop doing that. Sit on the couch and become slovenly. You don’t discover bodies that way. During the jog, he hears Jess yelling and runs into the house where Scott is trying to kick her ass. Scott knows about Ben being Tom’s father and so a punching fight breaks out. Ben is questioned by Detective Cornell again. This is why you don’t jog. Nothing good comes from jogging!


Secrets and Lies S1E1 Ben Being Questioned

Cornell stays up on Ben’s ass all the way to the end of both of the episodes and some asshole leaks out that Tom was his son and his wife finds out on the news, cause his dumb ass didn’t tell her. But now she knows and he has to break it to his kids. Then the guy from Fanboys who lives with them wonders how Scott found out about Tom being Ben’s son, because the story didn’t hit the news until the day after the fight. That guy’s right. But I don’t trust him. Why is he living here? Why is he always drinking beer? Why does he live in a guest house in every movie he’s in?

“Hi, I'm that guy from Fanboys.”

“Hi, I’m that guy from Fanboys.”

At the end of the episode, it comes out Ben’s wife had an abortion, against his wishes, right before he had his affair with Jess. She refers to it as a “procedure” and tells him he got his son anyway. That’s a low blow, seeing as how he didn’t know until after the kid was gone. They should just get this divorce over with so we can all start moving on.

So, my overall impression. I like this, but I don’t like the way the murder is being pinned on someone just because they’re the ones who found the body and because maybe at some point they owned a flashlight. There is literally nothing that makes him suspicious. Even if you add in the fact the kid was his son, he didn’t even know that. I watch true crime shows like it’s my job and I guarantee he didn’t killed the kid even though only people up to some shady-ass shit are jogging in the woods, in the rain, in the middle of the night. There’s not a whole lot of other suspects at this point though. There’s some guy who comes over to babysit, who Ben clearly does not like, and there’s that guy from Fanboys who is living with them. And if Natalie or the kid’s mom has a boyfriend, I’m pointing my fingers at them.

And if it turns out that this kid was hit by a baseball bat by some other kid, I’m gonna flip some tables.

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  1. OMG I hated Cornell she didn’t EVEN try to look for someone else. it drove me nuts! URGH!! After watching this I forgotten how much I like Ryan Phillipe and hope to see him get more acting gigs after this.

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