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Secrets and Lies – S1E3 – The Affair

Previously on Secrets and Lies, ‘The Trial/The Father

Ben and his friend, the guy from Fanboys, who’s name I still don’t really care to know, go shopping for guns. Nice, Ben. You’re a suspect in a murder and you’re gonna go buy a gun. This guy’s an idiot. His friend, who is also an idiot, is wearing a V-neck shirt that shows off all his chest hair. Gross. You ain’t Zachary Quinto. This ain’t The Slap. Cover that up. A mustached redneck sees Ben gun shopping and tells him he hopes he’s buying it to shoot himself. Damn, why are people hating on Ben? Oh wait, they think he killed someone. I still don’t think he did it.


Secrets and Lies S1E3 Gun Shopping


Last week, I made some suggestions of who the killer might be based on nothing but the fact that they are male characters on the show and I was assuming the killer was male, because statistically, they usually are. But then one of my friends pointed out how hard Ben’s wife is pushing police in his direction. And she had to have known the kid was his. She knew her husband had an affair and knew 9 months later the woman had a baby. It’s not that hard to put two and two together. Maybe she took it out on the kid. It’s been 6 years since he cheated and she’s still all up in her feelings about it. At that point, you either get over it and rebuild your marriage or you kick his cheating ass out and move on with your life. You don’t stay married for 6 years and then still act like the affair happened yesterday, you know? So, I’m looking at you, Christy. And if we’re looking at women, we also have to consider Natalie the babysitter and the kid’s mom.


Secrets and Lies S1E3 Christy Resting Bitch Face


Christy is all dressed up and wearing new earrings she got from “a client”. Yeah right. That bitch is sleeping with someone. She’s still upset about finding out her husband has an illegitimate child. Not that I blame her. She leaves and Ben sneaks his ass over to Jess’s house. He needs to stay the hell away from her. They talk about how Scott found out Ben was Tom’s father. The only people who knew were Ben, Jess, and Jess’s sister. Jess doesn’t answer her phone, which worries her, so Jess and Ben head on over there. Music is blasting in her apartment and they head in thinking they’ll find what usually would be found, according to Law and Order: SVU; Her ass bleeding in a bathtub. But no, it’s her ass in bed. With Scott. They call the police, Scott is arrested, and Cornell gives Ben more of her looks. Christy, or as I like to call her, Mrs. Resting Bitch Face, is not impressed that Ben found Scott.


Secrets and Lies S1E3 Christy Cornell and Ben in Garage


Wait. Why is he so sweaty?

Wait. Why is he so sweaty?

Ben’s daughter wants to hang Christmas lights inside and while getting the ladder from his truck, Ben’s flashlight falls out. It’s covered in blood and hair. He does what any normal, innocent, sensible person would do- oh wait, no he doesn’t. He tries to clean it, wraps it in a towel, sticks it in a duffelbag, and locks it in a locker in the garage, and hides the key. Stupid. The killer’s fingerprints might be all over it. He probably should have called Cornell and had it examined. Though I guess it is just the thing she’s looking for to arrest him. She conveniently shows up the next day wanting the receipt from the purchase of the flashlight, which is conveniently locked in the same file locker the flashlight is now hidden in. Ben plays it cool and hands over to the key to the locker, looking visibly nervous. Cornell asks him why he’s sweaty and he’s all, “Um, I was jogging.” God, she’s annoying. I never thought I’d dislike Juliette Lewis. After Cornell leaves, he puts the flashlight in a box and wraps it like a Christmas present and sticks it under the Christmas tree. Could he be acting anymore guilty? I expect nothing less from someone who jogs at night in the rain in the woods.

Ben goes to visit Tom’s grave and Scott ends up there at the same time. They let him go because he had an alibi. The alibi being his son’s mom’s sister he was banging. Scott cries me a river about all the days he’s spent in Iraq and how he couldn’t do it anymore and had to go AWOL and miss his own son’s funeral. Ben tells him he didn’t kill Tom and he seems to be the only one who believes him. Ben doesn’t believe Scott did it either.


Secrets and Lies S1E3 Ben Scott Grave


Back at home, Ben finds a bag of fancy new under garments Christy has bought and a pregnancy test. Told ya she was having an affair. He says he knows he’s not the father and is she planning on keeping this baby. She claims she’s never cheated on him, but isn’t prepared to have this conversation with him. She’s fucking somebody. I bet it’s that asshole who lives in the guest house. I finally learned his name. It’s Dave. No, she wouldn’t fuck him. Who would? Ben tells him about the flashlight and he offers to help get rid of it. He also suggests that maybe the pregnancy test is Natalie’s, which turns out to be true, so Ben goes to bring Natalie home from a party and she says, “Or what? You’ll kill me too?” Oh, snap! But she’s higher on my suspect list than Ben is, so whatever. She’s drunk anyway. She doesn’t know what she’s saying.

Cornell’s ass shows up again with video footage of him kicking Natalie’s boyfriend’s ass at the party he picked her up from. She wants to talk to Dave and when Ben goes to wake him up, it looks like Dave also fucked Natalie. Damn, that girl gets around. Ben tosses Dave out and Cornell just says to him, “Are you hungry? Let’s get something to eat.” Wait, what? I kind of feel like this show is that movie where Jim Carrey’s life was actually a TV show that everybody was watching and he didn’t know it. What if that turns out to be the plot twist?

The preview for next week looks awesome. Everybody’s ass is looking guilty.

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  1. I didn’t make it passed ep2. My bet is around ep8 they’ll suggest that aliens were involved.

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