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Secrets and Lies – S1E4 – The Sister

Previously on Secrets and Lies, ‘The Affair’

Christy wants to know why Ben is home watching the news instead of out jogging. He says he doesn’t jog anymore cause he doesn’t want to find anymore bodies. No, he doesn’t say that. I would have said that. He just says he’ll jog later. Also, he’s folding laundry. How do you get your husband to fold laundry? I can’t get mine to do it.

Christy’s brother stops by to tell Ben he should put all his assets in a trust so when he goes to prison, Christy and the girls will be taken care of. He’s sure Ben is going to prison and so is everybody else. Ben seems shocked everybody thinks he’s going to prison, but hasn’t he been paying attention? He already knew everybody thought he was guilty. He’s like, “Oh, shit, that’s right.” Then his ass goes jogging through the woods again. All this jogging. I can’t watch it anymore. Also, I don’t trust her brother.

Cornell shows up and Ben tells her he was just starting to miss her and she says she’s not there for him. She’s there to talk to Natalie. I don’t trust that Natalie. Cornell wants to know where Natalie was two nights before Tom was killed. She says his murder was premeditated so it’s important to know who had access to him and how often in the days leading up to his death. It turns out Natalie was supposed to be babysitting Tom, but she left him with a neighbor named Vanessa Richardson while she went out to a concert with her boyfriend. I wonder if it was a Taylor Swift concert.


Secrets and Lies S1E4 Cornell Questions Natalie


Ben goes over to Vanessa’s to confront her for covering for Natalie and while he’s there, he finds out they had a son named Malcolm who was taken from them. He digs around in some of her stuff and finds pictures of Malcolm covered in bruises and a child abuse report. He takes pictures of both with his phone. He digs more into the Richardson family and finds out they changed their last name after the husband Joe was fired from his job (pediatrician) for sexual misconduct.

Secrets and Lies S1E4 Ben

Ben goes to see Cornell to try and convince her to look into the Richardson family, but she refuses. She also tells him Natalie wasn’t really with her boyfriend the night of the concert like she said she was. She was actually with his friend Dave, whom he kicked out last week. He confronts Dave about the concert. Dave claims he got the tickets for Natalie, and her boyfriend flaked at the last minute so he went with her. And also did not sleep with her. He held her the day she born and would never do that to her or to Ben. He’s so angry he makes Ben leave.

The Richardsons invite the Crawfords over for a dinner party. Ben doesn’t want to go, but after he asks a friend of his to help him find out exactly what Joe Richardson did, his friend tells him to look through the guy’s stuff to see if he kept any trophy’s from Tom or any other kid he abused. During the dinner party, Ben snoops around the house and gets caught by Joe. He flat out asks Joe why they changed their name, why their kid was taken away, and accuses Joe of killing Tom with his flashlight.


Secrets and Lies S1E4 Dinner Party

Vanessa follows them home in the rain and explains that their son had a medical condition that caused him to hemorrhage internally and since it was undiagnosed, they were accused of physical abuse. They lost custody of Malcolm and he ended up being beaten to death in foster care. The picture of Malcolm covered in bruises was evidence they had gathered to try and get him back, but he died a few weeks before the hearing. That’s heavy. This show just hates kids, doesn’t it?

Secrets and Lies S1E4 Vanessa Christy and Ben


Natalie’s pregnancy test comes back negative and she finally admits nothing happened between her and Dave. Good. That guy was gross. Though I’m still wondering what concert he took her to and if it was Taylor Swift.

Ben’s friend comes back with some info about the Richardson’s. As it turns out when the hospital ran tests on Malcolm’s blood they found out Joe and Vanessa are brother and sister. There are so many secrets and lies in this show! It is aptly named.

Dave shows to pick up his stuff and he makes up with Ben. Dave tells him Cornell had been asking about a blue jacket, so possibly the killer had a blue jacket. I have yet to see anybody in a blue jacket, but I’m keeping my eyes open now.

Secrets and Lies S1E4 Ben and Cornell


Cornell shows up to drop another bombshell. The night of Tom’s death, Ben had drunk dialed some girl he didn’t know named Sarah, but he had actually meant to call Jess and mis-dialed one digit. Why was he calling Jess? His voice message to her is, “I don’t know what’s going to happen tomorrow, but I just want to say, I’m sorry.”

Hmmm. This voicemail does not bode well for Mr. Crawford.

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  1. Dave is much needed comic relief, which is why he’s my favorite character. Ben could benefit from anger management, though most of us would be emotionally volatile in this situation. Eww Richardsons. Yay Dave’s mom. Her ponytail was the real star of this episode. Happy to see Juliette Lewis playing against type. Her detective gives me the British procedural flavor that I’m so fond of. We need more overstepping British detectives on American tv.

    • Ben’s volatile behavior just makes him look worse. This would be a good time for him to keep that in check. I hope we see Dave’s mom’s ponytail again.

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