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Secrets and Lies – S1E6 – The Confession

Previously on Secrets and Lies, ‘The Jacket’

I had a dream the black neighbor turned out to be either the killer or Ben’s stalker. Or both. Not sure if my subconscious is racist or psychic. But I guess we’ll find out.

Secrets and Lies S1E6 Cornell and Ben

The episode starts off in the same parking garage from last week, with Cornell asking who broke the window and Ben asking how could someone have made his car turn off like that. She explains someone hacked into the truck’s security system. She says very few people can do that. And very few people can send untraceable texts the way this person has. She says this stuff in the weirdest tone of voice and I almost feel like she might be the killer. It’s just that creepy way she says things, you know what I mean? That would be an awesome ending. Who ever would guess the lead detective? Nobody!! It’s brilliant. But somehow, I don’t think ABC is that brilliant.

She wants to get police protection to follow him because she thinks he’s being stalked. He thinks she just wants him followed so she can watch him at all times and finally put him in prison. He’s not interested. Dave suggests he come stay with him and he can protect him with his bat and nun chucks.

Ben is now certain Kevin (the guy from my dream!) is the killer. His wife is skeptical because he’s already accused everybody else in town. He doesn’t have much reason to suspect him other then the fact that he was in the service and possibly trained to do all the things his stalker has been doing. Kevin also hates him. Kristy suggests Ben just go and ask Kevin why he hates him. That’s an uncomfortable question. You’ll never get a good answer to it. Ben doesn’t ask Kevin why, he just says, “I know it was you.” and Kevin says, “I know it was you.” And then Cornell shows up with the police protection she promised. He still doesn’t want it but he wants his family protected so he gives in.

 Secrets and Lies S1E6 Text to Ben

While talking with Dave, Ben receives a text from HIMSELF. It’s a video of himself talking with Dave about the flashlight. He wants to show Cornell, but he can’t, because, flashlight. He tells her he thinks there’s a hidden camera in the house, but doesn’t tell her why. They find it hidden in the bedroom curtain. Or living room. Or den. I don’t know. Rich people and all their rooms.

Secrets and Lies S1E6 DaveBen decides to stay with Dave while the rest of the house is searched. He doesn’t want the cops following him around. He packs up the wrapped flashlight and takes it with him. His first mistake was not turning in that thing when he first found out. But it did make him look bad so what can you can do in a situation like that? No, actually, his first mistake was that jog. If he’d been on the couch watching TV and eating donuts, like a civilized person, this never would have happened. At Dave’s house, Dave lives like a pig and says stupid things and says chicks dig it. He mentions how Kristy has changed. Ben pinpoints the change started when she had the abortion. I say it started when she murdered Tom!! Ben confesses the abortion to Dave and there’s a flashback to how the affair with Jess started.

Jess randomly shows up at Dave’s to see if Ben is okay. She thinks Kristy threw him out and she feels responsible. How did she know he was there? He tells her he can’t deal with her right now, with his life falling apart, and she runs off crying. He chases after her, but she takes off. While he’s outside, Kevin comes up from behind with a gun and forces him into the car. Called it!! I’m not racist after all.

Ben is taken somewhere and strapped to a dolly with a bag on over his face. Obnoxious heavy-metal music is playing while Kevin jots down some notes in a notebook. He’s probably just reminding himself to watch the roast of Justin Bieber. I made that note myself earlier today. Kevin sprays Ben with cold water while Ben yells, “You’ve got it all wrong!” He’s assuming that Kevin is doing this because he thinks he killed Tom. But maybe he’s doing this because HE killed Tom and Ben is getting closer to finding out.

Secrets and Lies S1E6 Kevin and BenKevin starts cutting off Ben’s shirt. He assures Ben he has been trained and knows exactly what he’s doing. I’m assuming he’s attempting some sort of torture interrogation. He asks Ben questions and hits him with a wet towel when he thinks he’s lying. He asks if Ben killed Tom and then covers Ben’s face with a towel and dumps water on it when he answers no. Kevin then asks questions about the night Ben slept with Jess. There’s a flashback to the 4th of July barbecue where Ben went to get Kevin more charcoal and never came back. Kevin went to find him and saw him and Jess kissing in the house. He’s hated and been watching Ben ever since. He wants to know he many times he slept with Jess. He’s especially angry because he’s a soldier and so was Jess’s husband and Kevin’s wife possibly cheated on him while he was on duty and now he’s got a chip on his shoulder. That’s the implication anyway.

Kevin makes Ben walk outside at gunpoint and asks again if he killed Tom. He says no, so Kevin makes him dig a hole with his bare hands. He says he can stop when he tells the truth about the murder. Ben starts to dig but then catches Kevin off guard, knocks him out, and runs. He runs around trying to get enough of a signal to call 911 while Kevin chases him down shooting at him. He catches up and makes Ben do push-ups at gun point This is getting a little silly now. Kevin needs to check himself before he wrecks himself. Cornell shows up just in time before I hit fast forward and arrests Kevin.

It turns out that Cornell knew it was Kevin all along, but she couldn’t prove it. Ben blames her for not preventing this and she blames him for not taking the protective detail she insisted he have. I’m on her side. Ben’s a moron.

The final scene of the episode is Ben opening an email from his friend, the reporter. It includes an attached article with the headline “The Family: What are they hiding?” Ben goes to his house and immediately punches him in the face while he’s trying to explain that he didn’t print the article; he was just trying to get Ben’s attention. When Ben finally stops hitting him, he explains he’s after Cornell. He thinks she’s crooked. I called it earlier!! I’m all about calling things tonight!! It’s her! IT’S HER!! I CALLED IT FIRST!!

I expected the murderer to be the same person as the stalker, because of the flashlight detail, but I was wrong. I’m not wrong about Cornell though. Or maybe I am. We’ll see next week.

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