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Shadowhunters – S1E3 – Dead Man’s Party

Previously on Shadowhunters, ‘The Descent Into Hell Isn’t Easy’

While Simon is being held and seduced by vampires, Clary gets a sensual weapons lesson from Jace. Isabelle spends sexy time with a Seelie for info, and Alec pouts and scowls.

Images: Freeform

Images: Freeform

I’m gonna guess that the reason Alec is so sour is because he’s the only one not hugging up on someone. Even Simon, while being held hostage by vampires, managed to get a little freaky with the head of the vampire clan, Camille. The vampires believe that Clary has The Mortal Cup and want to trade Simon for it.


In preparation for getting Simon back, Jace trains Clary on using one of their shadow weapons and by trains I mean, he rubs his front against her back and there’s lots of panting, parted lips, and eye molestation.

Not to be outdone, Isabelle sleeps with a Seelie (an elf) while he tries his best to pump her for information on Clary and the cup. Seeing as how Seelie are unable to lie, and Isabelle is smarter than she looks, I wouldn’t be surprised if this relationship ends up being more beneficial to her than him.

Despite the fact that it’s super clear Alec can’t stand Clary, he helps in rescuing Simon (as does a vampire named Rafael). It’s so obvious he has feelings for Jace and only did it for him, but Jace is oblivious.

Also clueless? Clary. Her passionate reaction to Simon’s return was only relief at having her best friend back and Simon is crushed.


Shadowhunters S1E3
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This show needs to pick it up. No Valentine, Luke, or Magnus this episode. Just an hour of lustful moments and an anti-climatic rescue mission at the end.

I did like the introduction of new beings and look forward to learning more about the Seelie. The vampires were underwhelming save for one scene in which Camille and Rafael freeze Simon so they can talk freely in front of him.

I’m giving this show another episode or two to pick up.

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