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Shark Week Drinking Game

It’s Shark Week! For those of you who get caught up in this week of hammerheads, makos, great whites, and more, we’ve put together a drinking game to go along with the shark-infested television you’ll be watching. Please do not partake of alcoholic beverages when IN shark-infested waters. That might seem like it goes without saying, but you never know.



* Jaws is mentioned.

* You hear the Jaws theme.

* Someone gives advice on how to survive an attack.

* Every time someone says, “This species of shark is normally very peaceful.”

* Drink for each slow-motion clip.

* Drink for each Air Jaws commercial you see.


* When a great white breaches, drink from when the shark exits the water til it the re-entry

* Drink every time – and for the full duration of time – when someone’s credentials are cited.  If there’s one thing wildlife experts love more than speaking in foreign accents, it’s listing their qualifications. Use this to your advantage and take a sip every time a show displays on screen, or announces, someone’s credibility to be talking about the subject at hand.

Note: This extends to everyone. Including John Doe who: Lost his leg in ‘99 challenging a Great White to a game of water polo, and the professor who Wrote the book: The Dangers of Playing Water Polo with Sharks.


* Every time someone mentions punching a shark in the nose or eye to stop an attack.

* If they mention the state in which you live or have vacationed in.


Bonus: Shark Jell-o Shots Recipe!


What you need :

Swedish Fish Vodka

What you do:

  • Mix vodka and water and chill in the refrigerator.
  • Pour Jell-O into a bowl and add boiling water – stir until the Jell-O is completely dissolved.
  • Stir in chilled vodka and water mix.
  • Pour into shot cup (should make about 16) and place one swedish fish into each cup.
  • Refrigerate until the shots set. (Overnight refrigeration is recommended)
  • Serve cold.

Shark Shots

Shark ShotPhoto Credit: Teri Bildstein

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