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Shark Week Survival Kit

It’s coming. The week when Americans are able to unite and put all differences aside in the face of one awesome truth: Sharks are the coolest and absolute scariest thing in the world. Ever.

While Shark Week has yet to achieve Hallmark card holiday status, here at Project Fandom we believe this event should be celebrated like the momentous occasion it is. Whether you are hosting a gang of marine biologist/surfer wannabes or preparing for an epic party of one, here you can find a collection of Shark Week fun and games sure to make you ready to brave the dive cage for your own Discovery show.

Open bar in style with this hand-stamped bottle opener from Stamped Memories by Mel:

Shark Week Bottle Opener

Show solidarity with your fellow shark bait (aka – humans) by rocking these awesome custom painted Toms from KellismCo:

Shark Toms

Team Shark?  No shame.  Show your support with this tee from Seventy1Percent:

Shark Tee

Don’t forget the beach babies who love Shark Week!  Sweetnik’s has them covered:

Shark Lollipop

If you still aren’t feeling entirely prepared for Shark Week–and we all know one can never really be 100% ready–take a stroll over to the Project Fandom Shop, where we’re offering our own shark-friendly t-shirt, featuring none other than our fearless mascot ProFan Man.

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  1. I love the shoes! I am such a geeky fan of shark week, and it drives my husband insane. He would much rather spend his time watching non shark related television, and tries to bait me with goodies to watch anything other than Discovery this time of year. Good thing we have TiVo (and two boys that like sharks as much as their momma).

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