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She-Hulk – Vol. 3 #10

Previously, “Issue 9

When we last left our intrepid lawyer, she was doing her best to win her case when she had a client that was, by all appearances, hell-bent on losing. Whatever questions Matt Murdock asked, Steve answered in the affirmative. Whenever Jen asked a question, the answer was still in the affirmative – except when it would help Murdock instead of her. How do you defend someone when you don’t have all the answers? Lucky for Jen, Hellcat is on the case! Hellcat breaks into a high security facility and finds something that could turn the tide of the case in their favor, but is the damage already done?

She-Hulk #10

From the official Marvel Comics byline:

She-Hulk and Daredevil battle it out in the court and on the streets. And it finally comes down to this – is Captain America guilty?

Matt Rocks and Annie were virtually nonexistent in this issue, leaving the heavy lifting to the lawyers in the courtroom. During the course of Jen’s cross examination, there is a gut-wrenching backstory to what made Steve become Captain America. No, it’s not the same as the movies, but it’s actually better this way. Either way it goes, this shows Steve’s character and gives the best example of what it’s truly like to be Captain America.

Score | 10/10This was one of my favorite issues. It reminded me of a classic legal procedure with a superhero tint, and it was incredible to watch the two consummate lawyers of the Marvel Universe go to work. I also can’t heap enough praise on this series; between Soule’s writing and Pulido’s spectacular artwork, it’s a win-win for all fans. It’s the book you can’t help but love…even though the artwork left much to be desired halfway through. If you’ve been waiting for the volumes to come available, the first six issues are now available for purchase; I couldn’t recommend them higher if I tried. But, as far as this one goes, it is a thrilling and satisfying end to a great trilogy of issues. On to the next one!

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