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She-Hulk – Vol. 3 #11

Previously, “Issue 10

From the official Marvel Comics byline:

At long last, it’s all come down to this: THE BLUE FILE revealed! Titania vs She-Hulk. And Angie Huang, no more?!She-Hulk #11

When we last left our intrepid lawyer, she had just come back from California after a successful defense of Captain America. She was ready to wind down and relax for a bit until she was greeted by her arch nemesis, Titania. Jennifer wanted to get to the bottom of why Titania was sitting in her office, but Titania was hearing nothing of it; instead, she literally knocks one of Jen’s shoes off. She then proceeds to toss her foe from Brooklyn to The Palisades, New Jersey. Their fight then goes to the Hudson Valley. Here, Titania gives Jen a verbal and physical beatdown, explaining how much she hates lawyers and how they don’t have to suffer like the little people. She also tells her that – along with Volcana – she was hired to rough Jen up a bit so she wouldn’t look into the Blue File anymore; she then figures that killing her would be easier.

She-Hulk #11 2


The two supervillains prepare to finish Jen off, but Patsy comes in and distracts Volcana. Meanwhile, Angie and Hei-Hei show up in the Fantasti-car and prepare to help Jen fight. During the fight, Hei-Hei shows that there is more to him than meets the eye, and he does so in a pretty wicked transformation.

She-Hulk #11 3Angie also shows that she is more than a good secretary by bending one of Volcana’s attacks back onto her. After the villains are taken care of, Jen asks why they are still being attacked over the Blue File. Angie explains that she has still been doing research on the file behind her back. This costs Angie her job, but she informs Jen that Nightwatch was being all the trouble with the Blue File, and has been the puppet master from the beginning.

Score | 8.5/10This issue was entertaining to read, if not a bit odd to follow on my tablet. Watching She-Hulk and Titania fight all over the place was great fun, and I really liked watching these titans go at each other. Having their respective teammates show up with figurative capes on cheapens the fight a bit, but seeing Hei-Hei become a badass was totally worth it. What wasn’t worth it was Jen firing Angie on the spot like that. I guess I can accept it, but it doesn’t mean I like it. Angie was looking out for her boss, even though it meant going behind her back to do so.

You may have noticed that I called this issue the penultimate issue. Well, besides the fact that I like the word “penultimate,” it’s also sadly true; the next issue of She-Hulk will be the last. I haven’t quite figured out what I’ll review next, but this has certainly been a fun book to read. I implore all of you to pick up the volumes when they become available, and support this enjoyable work.



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