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She-Hulk – Vol. 3 #12

Previously, “Issue 11

From the official Marvel Comics byline:

The end of the Blue File…and the end of an era! But when one door closes, another one opens, and Jen finds herself face to face with her most important case yet.

She-Hulk #12

We pick up this issue with a flashback to an unnamed town in North Dakota. Dr. Druid, along with Vibro and Shocker, have erected a large dome around the town under the command of a shadowy figure named Nighteater. They’re trying their best to hold the dome steady, but Dr. Druid is concerned, because he feels the heroes arriving to do their thing: She-Hulk, Tigra, Wyatt, and Captain Marvel. Captain Marvel sends She-Hulk to go rescue a civilian that has been trapped and is about to be attacked by a demon monster; she finds the man – George Saywitz – and super jumps him to safety outside of the dome. Saywitz is concerned about his family, but Jen tells him she’ll find them and bring them back safely. We know how that’s gonna end, right?

She-Hulk #12 1

As you can see, Nighteater reappears and ferociously punches the ground, sending a surge of energy throughout the dome. When the dust settles, the town is gone, and so are the memories of everyone involved. However, there was another side effect to the spell Dr. Druid was concocting; the villain Nighteater has rebranded himself as the hero Nightwatch, and they take on the remaining baddies.

Back in the present, we find out that Angie had been relaying this story to Jen and Patsy. Just as she’s wrapping up the story, Nightwatch appears and tries to clear the air. Angie calls him a murderer (true), while Nightwatch admits that he has done a lot of good for the world since then (also true). He also admits that he didn’t want to be an A-list celebrity; all he wanted was to be just famous enough to make a little bit of money from his heroism. So, as always…money is the root of all evil. Jen questioned him about the Saywitz case – also known as the Blue File, and he admits that the very George Saywitz she saved all those years ago filed suit against the superheroes involved. He admitted that he spent a lot of time modifying everyone’s memories so he would always be considered a hero, but the Blue File was the one thing that escaped. Jen accuses him of murder, but Nightwatch deflects it easily, saying heroes don’t kill people. In the end, all he wanted was redemption…well, redemption and a lot of money. Jen disagrees, but bad things happen when you disagree with people who can change memories.

She-Hulk #12 3

Hei Hei and Angie prepare to attack, but they’re accosted by Nightwatch. Hellcat tries to get in on the action, but she’s quickly taken out of the picture by a hypnotized She-Hulk. Things are getting really bad in a hurry, but they’re saved by both Shocker’s intervention and Angie’s disrupting Nightwatch’s hold on Jen. Jen then begins to put a titanic beatdown on him, stopping just short of killing him. Later, back at the office, Angie is preparing to pack up and leave, Patsy is laying a metric ton of guilt on Jen, and Jen is doing her best to keep both Angie and Patsy in line. Angie agrees to stick around thanks to Hei Hei’s assistance, but the reprise is interrupted by Sharon King; their landlord delivers a complaint from the city of New York. The city is suing the Inhumans for damage done by their queen Medusa, and it turns out Jen is the lawyer for the Inhumans. On top of that, she’ll be going up against Paine & Luckberg – the very firm that fired her way back in Issue 1.

And, the adventure continues…

She-Hulk #12 2

Well, this is a bittersweet recap. I loved every edition of this book, and almost every bit of its artwork. But, all good things must come to an end, and this chapter of Jennifer Walters’ life has done just that. The book itself may be cancelled, but Jen’s story is far from over; according to Charles Soule, we’ll see his version of She-Hulk again, and I’m sure she’ll be popping up in the Inhuman book he’s writing for; if memory serves, Medusa did wreck shop at the UN, and of course NYC must retaliate the best way they know how. This has been an entertaining series to read, and the volumes are must owns for any comic book fan. Like I said in my previous review, I’m not sure what I’ll be reviewing next, but I’m gonna miss going on this fantastic ride with this fantastic character.

Until next time…

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