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Sherlock Drinking Game

With Sherlock finally returning to television on January 1st on BBC One–stateside Sherlockians have to wait a few more weeks for the January 19th premiere on PBS Masterpiece–we thought we’d put together a new drinking game for those among us who are of legal drinking age, just in case a nice, hot cup of coffee isn’t quite enough to tide you over while you watch our favorite antisocial detective carve a cold and calculated beeline through case-after-case. So grab your shock blanket, hold hands, and pour yourself a tall glass of fandom.

Sherlock drinking

First, the rules of the game:

Sherlock Drink Game | Rules

Now, for a few suggested drinks:

Sherlock Drinking Game | Drinks

There you have it, Sherlockians! Have fun, be safe, and please drink responsibly!

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