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Episode 420: Sherlock – S4E3 – The Final Problem

We discuss the final problem for the Baker Street Boys.

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1 Comment on Episode 420: Sherlock – S4E3 – The Final Problem

  1. Hey Guys, great episode! I agreed with a lot of what you said, except for maybe some of your opinions on the “I love you scene”. That being said what I love about that scene is that you can look at it from multiple different angles. I’d explain what I think about it myself, but I think this post I found on Tumblr does, for the most part, a better job of that: It’s long but I think it’s worth the read.

    I also wanted to say that the “You know where to find me” text while it could be Irene was most likely meant for Lestrade. The text was a reference to Study in Pink. Sherlock texts “You know where to find me” to Lestrade at the beginning of the episode during the press conference.

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