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Silk (2015) #2

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Silk #2 Cover

This issue played like Groundhog’s Day, with Cindy spending her time doing the same things over and over again: she spends all night fighting HYDRA goons with Black Cat, rushing into work where she’s feeling the heat from JJJ, who wants to know what’s going on with Silk and why they’re not reporting on her new and seemingly criminal activities, and then it’s back at it with Black Cat.

Cindy at Work

Additionally, someone seems to know her secret identity and this mystery person leads her on a trek through the sewers where she finds young kids living and being groomed by the Goblin Nation –  and they have no interest in being rescued by Silk.

Goblin Nation Kids

This is Cindy’s first real lead on what may have happened to her brother, but she has no time to investigate that any further as Black Cat expects her help in hitting an Alchemax facility.

And because things can always get worse, and typically do, Peter Parker arrives at The Fact Channel, wondering if Silk has indeed broke bad.

Silk (2015) #2
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This was a fun issue as you could feel the pressure Cindy is under getting increasingly heavier with each turn of the page. We didn’t get any answers, but the new questions posed are intriguing. Who’s this mystery person who knows Cindy is Silk? How will Peter react to Cindy working as a double-agent? And what the hell is going on with the Goblin Nation and those kids?

I’m still not a fan of the way Cindy is rendered. It doesn’t feel consistent and she seems to have gotten less Asian-American as the series has gone on. Still, the action panels are always great and the dialogue is a level of witty few writers can master.

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