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Silk (2015) #3

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Silk #3 Cover

This issue deals with Cindy’s inability to navigate relationships when things get tough. It’s not really her fault. Before the bunker, she had a habit of shutting people out when there was a disagreement. After spending ten years alone, she never learned how to overcome it. We see this as she does this with Peter, who cautions her double-agent status may end badly. This coping mechanism even extends to her co-workers, who are also worried about her.

Cindy and Peter

In sessions with her therapist, Cindy acknowledges that she’s filled with anger, but she’s not sure where it comes from. I think being kept in a bunker for ten years and losing her family gives her a pass on anger issues, but I get it. Her life isn’t just being Silk where she has an outlet for that anger. Cindy Moon can’t just walk around hitting folks.

Silk will have ample opportunity to blow off steam in the next issue. Cat tasks Silk with taking Shrike to the underground Goblin lair she discovered. Once there, Shrike lets out his own aggression by pushing Silk into danger, and she finds herself surrounded by the Goblin Nation.

Silk is pushed

Silk #3
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    Art - 8.5/10
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    Dialogue - 10/10


This is my favorite issue of this series in a long time. The story is always most interesting when we see how Cindy’s time in isolation affects the way she deals with situations now.

I know I give the art in this series a hard time. I’m just not a fan of the way Cindy is drawn. But I did love the panels from her time in the tunnels with Shrike. And there’s a great page where we see how long it takes Cindy to answer a question by her therapist: each frame shows the clock over her shoulder just a few minutes ahead each time.

As always, the dialogue is witty. Love it.

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