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Review: Silk #2

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Silk #2 Cover

I fell in love from the moment I met Silk in the first pages of Spider-Woman #1. That love continues to grow. There’s a humor and sadness in her – and in this issues in particular – that I find beautiful.

Cindy has been getting into the groove of her new life: working for The Fact Channel by day and kicking the butts of the criminal element in NYC by night. And since her day job is all about writing about Silk, her night job is really paying off.

Cindy at Work

Unfortunately, she’s not having the same luck when it comes to finding her missing family. With Ezekiel dead, she’s forced to follow paper and money trails that lead nowhere. Visiting her old neighborhood doesn’t offer up better results, but it is here that we get a wonderfully human moment for Cindy.

After taking to the sewers to dispense of a tentacle-armed Hydra robot head, she emerges only to bump into her ex, Hector. She’s looking – and smelling – a hot-ass mess, and here he is… with his fiancee. I wanted to crawl back into the sewers with Cindy. This encounter is particularly painful because Cindy broke up with Hector to go into hiding. She’s adorably embarrassed and crushed, and comes up with some excuse to get the hell up outta there.

Cindy sees the Ex

Back in the bunker, she learns from S.H.I.E.L.D. that the robot was thought to be deactivated and just snapped on and went wild. As she sits in her feelings, the two figures watching her discuss the latest events. They set up the robot attack in order to get Cindy’s blood, which they now have.

Good thing she’s getting better at her night job…

Its Behind Me

Score | 10/10Overall Thoughts:
  • Man, this just gets better. You can’t help but feel for Cindy. A huge portion of her life was stolen from her. To bump into the ex with this new girl. Ugh.
  • Who the hell is watching her and what do they want with her blood? I bet the latter will tie back to Spider-Man.
  • Also, the art this issue really worked for me. The scenes where she’s going to places in her old neighborhood had a sepia-like look to them that made me feel like I was looking at old photographs. And the blues and greens in her encounter with Hector really set this sad tone, even while Cindy tried to bravely smile through it.
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