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Review: Silk #3

Previously in Silk #2

Silk #3 Cover

This was a weird one for me. I didn’t dislike this issue, but I’m not sure I liked it either. And I’m having a hard time pinning down why.

It picks up right where the previous issue ended: Dragonclaw has snuck up on Cindy, looking for a rematch. As they fight, she gets trapped under a car he threw at her. She then remembers fighting with Ezekiel Sims (the man who convinced her to stay hidden all those years). As she recalls how their argument turned physical, with him refusing to fight back, she becomes enraged. She beats Dragonclaw so badly, he surrenders.

Silk and Dragonclaw

His real name is Harris Porter and he’s been working for Black Cat. After he fought Silk the first time, Black Cat paid to have his suit enhanced. He’s a single dad, struggling to get by, and agreed to do jobs for Black Cat because he needed the money. Silk, feeling generous (and also super tired), takes him to the hospital and tells him about a company willing to give second chances to people with a criminal record.

While he’s being treated, Silk watches the entrance from a nearby rooftop. She’s already turned in footage of her fight with Dragonclaw to her day job at The Fact Channel. So, much like Peter Parker used to, she’s making money off of her alter ego. She’s watching to see if Porter is going to make a fool out of her and head to Black Cat’s after he’s released, when Black Cat surprises Silk on the rooftop.

Black Cat

The two fight, but Silk hasn’t fully recharged from her fight with Porter. She ends up running away rather than getting killed. As Black Cat loads up on weapons, Porter has indeed gone home to his daughter. But the fact that the babysitter is surprised to be paid makes me wonder if we’re supposed to take it that he did go back to Black Cat or obtained that money by some other shady means.

Back in her bunker, Silk gets a visit from Spider-Man. She doesn’t want to be bothered with him, but he’s brought back-up.

Score | 7/10Overall Thoughts

As I was going through the events in the issue, I realized why I didn’t enjoy this as much as I’ve enjoyed the others.

It was nice getting a flashback to her time locked in the bunker, but I wanted more information on why she was fighting Ezekiel to begin with. The flashbacks in the first two issues were more effective.

And the ending fell flat for me, but I’ve never been a huge fan of The Fantastic Four (though I am looking forward to the new movie!). I am curious as to how Peter thinks they will help Cindy.

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