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Review: Silk #4

Previously in Silk #3

I’m bummed I didn’t like this issue more. It felt a bit like filler, even though there was one major revelation about Cindy.

Silk #4 Cover

Peter Parker brought The Fantastic Four to Cindy so Dr. Richards could administer a few tests, and maybe help Cindy deal with her adjustment issues. After a virtual simulation in which Reed had way too much fun being Galactus, he explains to Cindy that none of his physical tests could find any issues. He wonders, though, if she might be suffering from anxiety. After living in isolation for a decade, it would be understandable. She’s pretty sure it’s not the case, but agrees to visit a psychiatrist he refers.

Seeing as how Cindy never told Reed about her past, the first thing she does after her session is punch Peter in the face. He apologizes, stating he only wanted to help her. Perhaps to get a little payback, Cindy agrees to dinner with Johnny Storm, who’s been fawning over her the whole time.

Cindy Mad at Peter

Even though she doesn’t believe she has high anxiety, Reed’s words stay with Cindy. She spends a long day at work, obsessing over Black Cat, then meets up with friends. Cindy dances, trying hard to convince herself a person with anxiety wouldn’t be doing all of these “normal” things.

Score | 7/10On her date with Johnny, they’re both quiet; neither quite used to this kind of normalcy. They abandon the fancy restaurant and spend the evening getting to know one another while stopping various crimes. Without telling what Reed said, she asks if he’s ever wrong. Not very often, answers Johnny. He’s also able to give her advice on how to stop Black Cat, who we later see has assembled her team and is preparing to attack Silk.

Other than a touching flashback to the day her parents first learned of her Spider powers, nothing much happened. I do love that they’re giving Cindy a condition which affects many, and it makes real-world sense a woman in circumstances even remotely similar to Cindy’s would suffer the same. How Cindy deals with this while trying to find her family and defend the city will be interesting to watch.

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