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Review: Silk #5

Previously in Silk #4

Silk #5 Cover

The issue opens on a terrifying scene: a little girl finds her babysitter unresponsive on the floor and looks up to find a stranger, who she refers to as “a kitty cat.” Uh oh.

Meanwhile, Cindy is at work, distracted by the memory of her little brother recoiling from her touch because he’s afraid of who she is and what she can. She’s so distracted she doesn’t close her computer in time and Jameson sees her looking over her files on her family’s disappearance. She doesn’t lie about it and is surprised when he doesn’t fire her, but offers to use his police contacts to see what he can learn about her family’s location.

Jameson is cool

When he walks away, Cindy overhears the report of a man named Harris Porter, who came home to find his babysitter knocked out and daughter missing. Cindy immediately recognizes him as the “Pokemon Dude” she thought she’d help get on the straight and narrow. She goes looking for him as Silk, but he finds her first. As they fight, he blames her for what happened to his daughter: Black Cat has taken her and demands Silk hand herself over in exchange for the little girl. Silk promises she’ll get his daughter back.

They stake out the location where the meet is to go down, totally knowing it’s a trap. That’s why Silk asked Spider-Man to join them. Spidey’s not too keen on working with a former bad guy, but Silk points out he’s done it before. Add that to the fact he feels responsible for Black Cat and he agrees to help.

Not that he has much of choice because Harris goes dropping into the warehouse, ready to fight.

Spider-Man Arrives

While the three take on Black Cat’s goons, Silk senses the little girl, Marie, nearby. She reunites father and daughter just as Black Cat and more of her tricked-out minions arrive. Silk instructs Spidey to get Harris and Marie out of harm’s way… but then bring his butt right back to help her.

Black Cat uses a device that emits a noise which stuns Silk long enough for Black Cat to knock her down. Before she can claim her prize, Black Cat is knocked through a wall. One of her henchmen hears a beeping coming from his suit and then he explodes.

Silk comes to on an operating table. The man standing over her believes he’s going to make a lot of dough off of her. Silk recognizes him as the man who made all of Black Cat’s tricked-out minion suits. He corrects her and introduces himself as the man who knows where her family is.

Score | 9.5/10Overall Thoughts:
  • Nooooo. It can’t end there! I love how the series made Black Cat’s involvement a link to the main story instead of a side distraction.
  • The opening panels were effective and so creepy.
  • The wit in a Spider story is unparalleled. Literally laughed out loud when, after Spider-Man realizes Harris has jumped into the fray without waiting for them, he said, “That? That is why I don’t team up with bad guys. Much.”
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