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Review: Silk #6

Previously in Silk #5

Silk #6 Cover

Cindy is strapped to The Repairman’s operating table, about to be dissected so her parts (and presumably her powers) can be sold to the highest bidder. Because he knows about her family and their whereabouts, she tries to keep him talking to learn what he knows and to buy time as she works against her restraints.

And since evil assholes love to talk about how evil they are, he admits that in auctioning her off, he’d double-crossing the people who hired him – the same people who know where her family is and has been watching her when she’s in the bunker. That last part is definitely news to her.

The Repairman

Unfortunately for The Repairman, he’s also double-crossing Black Cat, who shows up just as Cindy has gotten one arm loose enough to knock him down. While Black Cat takes out her revenge on his face and everything else, Cindy frees herself. But she’s unable to press The Repairman for more information because he dies when the ceiling collapses.

Thinking she’ll never know what happened to her family, Cindy takes out her frustrations on Black Cat, who stops fighting long enough to offer Cindy the opportunity to work together. Of course, Cindy passes. Black Cat gets away and Spider-Man arrives to find Cindy utterly heartbroken. He wonders if freeing her from the bunker was the right thing to do, and she assures him it was.

Speaking of the bunker, Cindy later tears the place apart until she finds the surveillance camera. The feed goes dead just as she’s threatening whoever has been watching her. She finally decides that calling Dr. Sinclair (the shrink) might not be such a bad idea. She reasons that seeking help isn’t the end of the world.

Except, that whole end-of-the-world incursion thing is happening right behind her.

Silk and the end of the world

Score | 10/10Overall Thoughts: 
  • I’d miss this title so much. I don’t remember if it’s one of the titles continuing beyond Secret Wars, but I sure hope it is. While I tend to be a fan of more vibrant art, Stacey Lee’s and Ian Herring’s work as totally won me over. The more subdued look really suits this story, because Cindy’s tale is sad.
  • The action panels were fantastic. The fight between Silk and Black Cat, with Black Cat falling out the window and hitting ever part of the fire escape on her way down was great!
  • But what’s up with the claws? As Black Cat held Cindy out the window by her hair, Cindy used claws on one hand to but her own hair and be free – which was pretty badass by the way and I’m loving the new hair. Has that always been apart of her power and I just forgot?
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