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Podcast Fandom Episode 131: Sleepy Hollow S2E1 ‘This Is War’

Sleepy Hollow S2E1 Abbie

In our first Sleepy Hollow podcast we discuss: 
  • A brief refresher on our thoughts on season one and which characters we like
  • Whether or not we are Ichabbie (or Crabbie) shippers
  • Nina’s theory that John Noble and Maya Angelou were separated at birth
  • Our feelings on Katrina
  • We try to remember the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse
  • Here’s the Riders of the Apocalypse book series Nina referenced in the podcast:


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1 Comment on Podcast Fandom Episode 131: Sleepy Hollow S2E1 ‘This Is War’

  1. i had a lot of fun listening to your Sleepy Hollow podcast. it’s apparent that the girls really love the show and buy in totally to the mythology the show tries to convey. i love this show (2nd favorite behind Game of Thrones) so much because it throws absolute crazy ideas and does not apologize for it one bit. Keep up the great work and the A team (John, Megan) need to keep their game up because Robyn and Sarah were bringing it.

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