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Sleepy Hollow – S2E1 – This Is War

 Sleepy Hollow S2

Here’s a quick 60-second recap of Season 1:

Abbie and Ichabod, one year later and mysteriously both healthy and unharmed, are called in the middle of Ichabod’s birthday cupcake to look into a “suspicious death”. What they find is an unheaded professor at the historical society who was cut short while researching Ben Franklin. While Crane explains to Abbie just why Franklin was the worst, they’re attacked by the Headless Horseman. He’s looking for Ben Franklin’s key–you know, that one from the kite experiment. That key is actually a magic key that will open the gates to Ghenna (what we’re calling Purgatory this season). Knowing they can’t find it on their own, they go to the one source who can help them…Henry Parrish? Crane, Jr. War. Why would Parrish help them?

Sleepy Hollow S1E2 Icky and Abbie

He won’t. He tricks them into giving him more information, and then they realize it was all an illusion. Crane is really still trapped in the coffin, and Abbie is really still wandering around the Purgatory Forest. Parrish isn’t even a prisoner, but is actually holding Jenny hostage in a warehouse (I’m sure it’s in the tunnels under the city. It’s where all the horseman-types like to run their lairs). Jenny’s not dead after all, by the way, even after her tire-blowout at the hands of HH. Parrish uses his sin-eating abilities to read Jenny’s mind and finds a still-encoded page about that same key that she once found for Corbin.

Ichabod, still in his coffin, tries to Five Point Palm Exploding Heart his way out; when that doesn’t work, he discovers that he’s buried in gunpowder and sets his coffin on fire, blasting him out of the ground. Abbie, also back in Purgatory, runs into now periodic guest star because he has his own show John Cho! John, who wants to redeem himself to humanity, tells her Moloch’s plan to raise a demon army. He is waiting for Parrish to find the magic key so that the gates to Purgatory can be opened and the army can walk the earth. Cho, ever the romantic, helps Abbie find Moloch’s headquarters so that she can contact Crane and warn him.

Back at the lair, Jenny breaks free while Parrish is out, and texts Crane her location. Crane comes charging in on his white emergency vehicle (he stole an ambulance) and rescues her, and as they escape he fills her in on Abbie, Parrish, and the search for Franklin’s key. They crack Franklin’s super secret code and race off to find the key before Parrish (which they do)!

Katrina–anyone miss her at all?–was last seen carried off by HH, and is now his prisoner. She tries to escape, which shouldn’t be that hard to do considering the man has no head, but instead of being angry HH gives her an emerald necklace. A magical emerald necklace. All of a sudden, HH is Abraham, head and all! They talk, a lot, and he tells her that, since Icky is going to die soon anyway, the two of them can start fresh in just a few short hours.

Ichabod, who is now searching Purgatory for Abbie, finds her digging around in the dirt for her Moloch-repelling amulet Katrina gave her. He hands her his canteen, because Purgatory is dehydrating business, and just as she is about to drink from it the real Ichabod stands up and stops her. The first Ichabod was a trap, trying to get her to stay in Purgatory by making her drink something! Soon the two Ickys are going at it, and the one with the key to Purgatory emerges victorious and he and Abbie race away. They start to say the rhyme to unlock the door, but when Ichabod pronounces “Leftenent” in the American fashion, Abbie knows he’s the fake and slices his head off with a saber. The actual real Ichabod appears, and the two of them escape Purgatory with Moloch and his awesome Colonial zombie army hot on their tail, slamming the gates shut just before any demons can escape.

Our three heroes are back home safe and sound, but Parrish has some ‘splaining to do to Moloch about how he lost the key. In a surprisingly forgiving mood, Moloch gifts Parrish with a wicked suit of armor that emerges out of a fiery portal that he can control with his soul. This is the new armor of the horseman, and he has a badass flaming sword.

Sleepy Hollow - War Is Coming


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