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Sleepy Hollow – S2E10 – Magnum Opus

Previously, on Sleepy Hollow, Mama

Race against the clock? Monster pursuit? Obscure magical item that will save the day? This must be another episode of Sleepy Hollow!

heads up

Ichabbie have spent countless hours pouring through Grace’s journal and take a quick Heads Up! break to clear their minds. Ichabod, of course, protests over their wasting time but probably because he has no idea who Cher is or how to describe her. An impromptu mirror-call from Katrina tells them that Moloch could be ready to take over the Earth in as few as two days, though she fails to mention her baby-fever.

The Witnesses finally find a clue in the diary: an anagram that spells out “Enoch’s Sword”. While Crane looks for their copy of the Book of Enoch (an ancient Hebrew book), Abbie gets an alert that all hands are on deck looking for the escaped Cap’n Irving. Jenny and Irving are racing for the Canadian border–hope they make it! Spoiler: they don’t.

Sleepy Hollow S2E10 Irving

Cap’n ditches Jenny before they even get to the border. He doesn’t want to get any more of his friends in trouble, and he won’t hide away while they fight the good fight.


At the Bat Cave, Ichabod has pinpointed their weapon as Methuselah’s Sword, a weapon that could kill any being and was once used to destroy 1000 demons. With the help of Grace’s diary, a Ben Franklin drawing, and a little mirror anamorphosis, they pinpoint on a map where they can find the sword and make for the woods. As they head towards the door, the mirror flashes again, and we see that Henry has been doing a magical mirror-phone listen in and now knows the Witnesses’ plans! I bet he’s going to send some sort of terrible nightmare monster after them! Nope. Just Abraham.

mirror phone

Who, by the way, is super pissed that Katrina has been mirror-calling Ichabod on the side. Apparently, that line is NOT secure, which a good witch would probably have known.

Ichabbie are tromping through the woods and happen upon a building that Abbie has seen in the dreams of her mother. There’s just enough time for a flashback before Headless Horseman rolls up, axe held high; except that he’s not there to take out our heroes. As much as he would enjoy that. He’s trying to beat them to the sword! Abbie follows HH but then accidentally lets him know she’s there. He pursues her, then pursues Ichabod, and comes very close to gunning him down when, all of a sudden, his leg starts to smoke. In the middle of all the action and that terrible thunderstorm that just stopped, the sun has come up and HH has to flee for cover. Ichabod realizes in that instant that HH is there only because of him. His best friend Abraham made him the man that he is today: he brought him to America, he introduced Crane to Katrina, and now he’s trying to bring the destruction of the world that Ichabod was meant to save.

breaking the seal

But back to the issue at hand: Abbie got a look at the seal that HH took from the wall that would have been the clue to finding the sword. It was an ouroboros, a snake eating it’s own tail and a symbol of the Knights Templar. Following the clue leads them to a dark, secret underground spiral staircase, which they go down with no trepidation whatsoever into a cobwebbed cave full of statuary. There’s a conquistador, an Englishman, and a replica of one of Grace Dixon’s ancestors… what a weird collection of statues, all posed as if ready to fight. In a flash of understanding, Ichabod knows those are not statutes but people turned to stone, and they need to get the hell outta Dodge because they now have an enormous snakey monster on their tails!

Up in the daylight, with the staircase safely sealed, they know they are up against a Gorgon who can turn a person to stone just by looking them in the eyes. So they need someone with no eyes to get around the Gorgon… and a person who doesn’t have eyes doesn’t have a head, either! They need to use HH as their human shield!

Where is HH? He’s not back at Monster Headquarters, although we do find Henry dropping all sorts of exposition on Katrina: he’s got a ram’s horn to signal the emergence of Moloch into the world. Moloch has grown into a sullen, angsty teenager. Katrina should have killed it when she had the chance. This is all Katrina’s fault because she chose Ichabod over baby Henry. And when he’s done, he removes the spell that has been on Katrina, and for the first time, she sees her prison for the hell pit that it is. I bet she’s going to need some saving!

teenage moloch

Night has fallen, and Ichabbie is waiting on HH to show up, so they can use him, find a magic sword, kill him, and stop Moloch. So far, their plan is working, and HH rides in full tilt and follows them down the staircase to the Gorgon’s lair. A modern-day Perseus, Ichabod watches the fight between Medusa and HH through his phone camera and escapes the other direction into a room full of swords. Now all they have to do is pick the exact one they need out of the two or three dozen lying around!

angry abraham

Ichabod leaves Abbie to pick out the sword, so he can go distract HH, who has just defeated the Gorgon. HH is now Abraham, and Crane finally gets to see his friend’s face. They have a final match, a sword-on-axe duel, and lots of angry words are exchanged. Apparently, Abraham is still mad at Crane about being Headless, and stealing Katrina, and basically making him an instrument of the Apocalypse. Crane races into the sword room to find cover and rushes Abbie into picking a sword–she picks up the closest one, hoping it’s the right one, and all of the swords in the room turn to snakes. Great. Now they’re trapped in a room full of snakes AND an angry Horseman, with no weapons to defend themselves. And then, in a weirdly timed moment, just as Abraham is about to shoot the Witnesses, the ram’s horn is blown and Moloch’s arrival is announced; Abraham runs off to join Moloch as his #2 henchman.


Ichabbie are back to looking for the sword and discover that the big bowl of water in the room is really a big vat of oil–together, as a team, they light it on fire, and through the flames, they see the sword. Ichabod pulls out Excalibur, all shiny and glowing, and swears that he and Abbie will not let Moloch rise on this night!

Too late.

too late

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4 Comments on Sleepy Hollow – S2E10 – Magnum Opus

  1. I don’t really have feedback cause I was gonna watch it again tonight. I knew as soon as Fox did the actual break in to report the decision, I had to change the channel. My tv may be old but I did not want to break it by throwing something at it. I can’t take Fox News on a good day. You know they were gonna be talking shit last night so I wasn’t even going there.

  2. Just watched. I thought it was cool and we are really getting somewhere this season. It still cracks me up when they say Henry is a horseman and he resembles an ordinary grandpa type, with the demons and horsemen around him.

  3. I’m rewatching it now. Hopefully I’ll be in time for the podcast.

    If not. Here’s my quickie feedback.

    1) Katrina’s an idiot.
    2) Abraham is petty but a damn good fighter.
    3) Is Abbie the only reasonable one around?
    4) more Mr. & Mrs. BAMF scenes together please!
    5) loved that fight scene between headless & Ichabod. I missed most of the fight with medusa tho so I’m rewatching. Lol

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