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Sleepy Hollow – S2E12 – Paradise Lost

Previously on Sleepy Hollow, ‘The Akeda’ 

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Picking up moments after we left our heroes for the mid-season break, Ichabod and Abbie wake up to find that they did in fact beat Moloch! This is no purgatory–this is plain old non-evil Sleepy Hollow! Jenny and Katrina made it through the blast as well, but as everyone looks around they realize that Henry is missing. Is Henry even still alive?

Farmers Market

6 weeks later:

At a local farmer’s market, Ichabod and Abbie are discussing the finer points of the Farm to Table movement and their status as Witnesses when Ichie finds a grapple that smells of brimstone. It seems like he’s reaching until he cuts it open and it’s full of Satan’s worms. Evil is clearly still at large, and now it’s attacking their organic produce! They’ve spent weeks at the bat cave trying to pinpoint where the next attack will come from, and even though this seems like a stretch, they decide to investigate Wilcox Farm.

Speaking of the bat cave, guess who has been sleeping there since separating from his witchie wife? Ichie is clearly cranky that Katrina has been spending all of her time “watching over” the captive Abraham.

They approach Wilcox Farms all sneaky like, but find nothing and instead have a six-week old heart to heart. What if their job as Witnesses is over? Is Ichie desparately looking for monsters to avoid dealing with his reality? What is his purpose now? What was that thing that just ran across the screen? What is that demonic-sounding chanting coming from the barn?

If only we had a weapon

It’s a bunch of cloaks doing a divination ceremony–they turn around and they’re demons! But finally, where there are demons, there are angels. An angel flies in through the barn window and dispatches the demons quite handily with his halo weapon. He introduces himself as Orion, and he recognizes the witnesses. Their reputation must precede them! Orion was being held in Purgatory by Moloch, but escaped approximately six weeks ago and is walking the earth hunting all of the other creepy crawlies that escaped at the same time. Ichabod is wary of this newcomer even though Abbie is immediately ready to trust him. He receives a beckoning phone call from Katrina about “something important”, and at the same time Abbie warns Jenny on the phone that new evil is afoot.

Abbie and Orion spend some alone time making small talk: heaven, hell, God, dinosaurs. Abbie isn’t getting any good answers to her questions, but she does find that out Orion is hunting Death, and Abbie agrees to take him to Abraham.

Katrinas new duds

Katrina’s “something important” is not her new goth witch getup; she wants Ichie’s help separating Abe from his horse and feels guilty that their love made him into a horseman. Ichie won’t be a part of it–Abe is an abomination and a demon.

Jenny, who is in her fanciest pants (skirt, technically) and makeup is in full-on flirt mode with a giant adorable bartender. So when Henley just shows up and pees on her leg to claim her, she’s a little irritated that she called him for help in the first place. At least Henley brought a demon tracking device, the Egg of Asag; now they just need to figure out how to use it.

Angelic fist bump

Abbie leads Orion through the tunnels to the bat cave, where they meet up with Katrina and Ichabod. Orion and Katrina have Purgatory in common, and Katrina realizes that Orion was originally the angel who appeared to G. Dub at Valley Forge. He was felled by the ax of newly-demonized Abraham, and now he’s demon hunting. While he tells that story, Ichabbie argue over whether or not to Abraham should be saved. Abbie takes the lead and turns to tell Katrina it’s a no go, but it seems she’s disappeared–she’s gone to release Abe real quick before Orion can kill him. Abe agrees to let her try her magical experiment to save his soul and has to promise not to kill while she’s working her magic, even though there’s an angel after him.

Once the group catches up to Katrina, Ichabod has to keep the peace between his ladies and does so by shushing Katrina. Best moment of the season.

Elsewhere–did Jenny not get to go home and change clothes first? She and Henley can’t make the demon rock work and instead argue about their mysterious past. Henley gets the rock egg open and sees fuzzy pictures of where the demons and Abe are. It’s the Carriage House! Jenny relays it to Abbie, Abbie calls on her new angel friend, and they go Abe hunting, but as they do Ichie calls Abbie to tell her that he has discovered that Orion is more of a harbinger of terrible events than a helper angel.

Orion's belt

At the Carriage House the demons are doing a ritual to find their master and Abe drops a bunch of rusty farm equipment in their cauldron and pulls out a shiny new ax. On the way there, Orion tells Abbie that he will get Abe’s power and then he can judge mankind and bring about a new paradise. He’s going to kill Abe AND Katrina–now Abbie has to save her stupid ass again. They arrive at the Carriage House, and while Orion is attacking Abe, Abbie and Ichabod (who arrived in the knick of time) are being attacked by demons. Abe almost has the choke on Orion but his pointy halo boomerangs around and gets him in the back. It’s sucking all of the power out of Abe! Abbie distracts Orion while Ichabod sneaks around back and saves Abraham. Abe can’t take down Orion before he flies away, but he sure can turn on Ichabbie. Katrina finally shows up to help out; Abe will still let her try her magic on him, but he won’t be their prisoner any longer.

Ichabod and Katrina have their long overdue “where is this going?” conversation. Ichie is disappointed in Katrina for manipulating him into supporting her, which seems fair; trying to save Henry their son is not the same as saving her ex-boyfriend. They agree that they redefine their marriage, which Katrina thinks needs a little “new life”. Did she just ask him to put a baby in her? Now?

As the weekly wrapup, Ichabbie apologize to each other for trying to take different sides, but agree that their bond can’t be broken even when they disagree with each other.

But then some dirty feet walk in to a convenience store and shuffle over to the drink section–it’s Cap’n Irving!! He’s disoriented, and he looks like a zombie, but he’s alive!

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3 Comments on Sleepy Hollow – S2E12 – Paradise Lost

  1. I’ll leave my feedback this afternoon. But I’m sure most were very happy with those last minutes of the show. He’s not dead! But what is he?

  2. I really liked this episode! After a disappointing mid season finale I wasn’t expecting much from the episode back, but it was so good! I liked what they did with the angel story line I didn’t trust his ass one bit. I hope he shows up again soon. I love that Abbie is never here for Katrina, but she did stand up for her when she told Orion Katrina isn’t evil. I don’t entirely believe that because Katrina is shady as hell. Excited for the next episode and I can’t wait to hear the podcast.

  3. I didn’t hate this episode. Just wasn’t my favorite. As usual, too much Katrina & Abe. And why is she trying to find the good in every damn evil person! Just let it go. Let it go.

    What I liked, any scenes with Abbie! Love her!

    Loved any scenes with Jenny! And how fabulous was she looking. Dang Henley cockblocking! Make up your mind dude! Stop giving off mixed signals & let Miss Jenny get a little sumthin sumthin from the hottie bartender.

    Poor Ichabod got kicked out of a house that ain’t even his. Smh. How’s Katrina get Corbin’s cabin??!! No fair! And where the hell is she getting new clothes? Does Abbie have any money left in her 401K? But did y’all notice he wasn’t exactly chomping at the bits to get back with Katrina. She threw her feminine wiles at him & he ran out that joint. Was she really trying to get pregnant? Smh. This witch has got to go!

    Btw, what’s up with Katrina’s magic actually working? Is it cause she’s doing it for Abe so therefore it actually works?

    I was feeling Orion. Sorry he turned out to be a crazed zealot. If only killing Abe wouldn’t give him his powers. Doh! Cause otherwise, please kill him & Katrina! I’m over them. But clearly he’s gonna consider Abbie & them to be his enemies. That’s not gonna bode well in the future.

    Saved the best for last. IRVING!!!! He’s not dead. Or is he? Is he a zombie? At least he’s not a flesh eating zombie. But what is he?

    Ok, that’s all I can think of. Can’t wait to hear the podcast! But I hope you’re not the one doing it Nina. You need to rest up & not talk at all. Feel better.

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