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Sleepy Hollow – S2E18 – Tempus Fugit

Previously on Sleepy Hollow, ‘Awakening’

battle crane

The muskets are being loaded and the Revolutionary War is starting. Ichabod runs out of his tent and takes aim at redcoats. After lots of ass kicking and prisoner taking, he can’t find the one person he’s frantically searching for among the bodies: an oversized Hessian with a mark on his hand. Against his better judgement, he leaves his soldiers to clean up the mess while he goes to talk to this mysterious Abbie Mills woman who seems to have information and keeps asking for him.

Jail Meeting

Crane meets Abbie at the jail but obviously knows nothing about her. She spends a lot of time trying to explain herself and explain how she has info, but when that isn’t met with warm hugs she warns Ichabod that the Hessian has an ally, a woman who will make sure he dies on the battlefield. His best bet will be to release Abbie and take her with him.

Katrina, returned from 2015 and back to her duties nursing wounded soldiers, has just found out that Abbie Mills is back in time with her and that Ichabod wasn’t wounded in this battle by the Hessian horseman. So the future has already changed because Ichabod didn’t need to be saved by her, but it’s hard to tell if she’s happy or sad about it.

Crane returns to the battlefield to discover piles of decapitated bodies, and Abbie tries to convince him that they know each other from the past/future. He’s seen enough weird things in this war already, maybe he could think about believing her…

Since Crane left his soldiers, and Abbie’s noticeably unincarcerated, they’re both in big trouble. Abbie is being shipped off to a camp for runaway slaves, but Ichabod convinces his officer to let him accompany her. Now Abbie’s got a 3 mile journey to convince Ichabod of her truth. He doesn’t believe any of her political information, but she tells him all about him and Katrina and he’s clearly starting to believe her. She also convinces him to take her to Franklin to back up her story, and he does so (even though he’s just going to get in trouble again).

team evil

The Hessian is looking through all the dead bodies for Crane, but Katrina tells him he’s not there. She doesn’t forget that this is Abraham, and she uses her feminine witchy wiles to have him hunt down Crane and Abbie and end them.

role reversal

Abbie points out all of the things that will change between now and 2015, and is enjoying being fish out of water way too much. She has far too much faith that she is getting out of this unscathed, especially since Crane doesn’t believe her yet.


At Franklin’s doorstep, the inventor is more than receptive to speaking to the Witnesses. Abbie delights him with tales of his inventions still present in 2015, and he chastises Crane for not believing her. Ichabod is forced to leave the room so Mills can reveal to Franklin that Katrina is against them and she has the Grand Grimoire. They need to undo the Travelers spell so she and Katrina can go back to their previous time and undo all of this. On to Frederick Manor! Also, Franklin warns Abbie to say nothing of Katrina to Ichabod. Of all that is happening, that’s the thing he’ll be least able to grasp.

Uh oh, the Hessian is at the door! Crane takes him on with his sword, and Abbie of course tries to shoot him, which has never worked in two seasons. Franklin starts to throw a grenade, but the Hessian lobs his ax and decapitates Franklin!! The witnesses leave the Hessian in a burning building and escape, leaving Franklin’s body to go up in ashes. Hmm, I wonder who will be blamed for this…

two headless are better than one

Abbie will. She’s locked up now (again), and Ichabod is pissed. Abbie keeps trying to explain that the Hessian was hunting them, not Franklin, but he isn’t buying it until she tells him the Katrina secret. Which she does, and it goes about as well as we all expected. She goes for the hail mary: the pregnancy bomb. She tries to get him to look at their selfies on her cell phone, but he leaves as she cries out for him.

Crane goes home looking for Katrina and finds a table full of witchcraft. Or spices. While he talks about his shitty day, Katrina is witchcrafting her knife towards him, pointed at his back, but is interrupted by soldiers there to escort Crane to General Washington. They stop by the prison on their way because Ichabod saw Katrina’s witchcraft book on his way out the door; he wants to look at their selfies and believe her. Abbie pulls a screw out of a bench and almost breaks out of prison while he is watching their selfie video, but Crane’s boss comes to pay her a visit and yell at her about killing Franklin. He tries to beat her up in her cell, but she puts him in a sleeper hold just as Ichabod runs in to save her.

On the walk to Frederick Manor, Crane drops his own bomb on Abbie: Katrina might be a witch! He recognized the Grimoire at their house. Abbie tries to comfort Crane and explains that this Katrina is not his old Katrina, who used to be good. Katrina, in the meantime, is fixing up the officer that Abbie just beat up. She used Abbie’s blood from the fight to track her, then with no qualms at all kills the officer once he realizes she’s a witch.

Why does Abbie keep talking to people like they should know who she is? They arrive on Grace Dixon’s doorstep and Abbie explains that they’re related…very very distantly. Grace knows she’s the Witness, and Crane explains how Abbie got there. Franklin said Grace would know how to break the Traveler’s spell, but it will draw on the power that protects the house, leaving them vulnerable. When the Hessian shows up with Katrina at his back, Ichabod goes to fight them off; even if he dies in this battle, if Abbie still fixes everything, it won’t matter. Abbie doesn’t seem to remember that this is uptight, old-timey Ichabod and hugs it out with him before he walks out the door.

evil katrina

Katrina makes a bad ass witch, now that she’s using her powers for evil. The Hessian rushes the house when the wards are down; Crane shoots him off his horse, then Katrina starts with her magic fireballs at Ichabod. The three of them battle it out while Abbie and Gail complete the spell.

The spell is complete–everyone and everything freezes except Abbie and Katrina, and Katrina loses her shit a little. A series of greatest hits flashes by as they’re wisked back to present time where Katrina commences to take her anger out on Abbie. She fends off present day Crane with a knife, but he gets the better of her, knocking the grimoire out of her hand. Abbie slides to the ground, and Ichabod turns the knife on Katrina. OH SHIT!! Ichabod just stabbed his wife! Just in case you thought she’d live through this, she sees the ghost of Maya Angelou beckoning to her, and she dies in Ichabod’s arms. She goes up in black smoke, and her body is gone. Poor Ichabod feels really bad about this.

sad crane

Jenny and Ninja Cap’n arrive in the aftermath, and Abbie hugs it out once Cap’n convinces her he’s back and for the good. Jenny is sorry that Katrina didn’t make it, but that doesn’t mean that this is over. Grace said the war isn’t over, that the most crucial battles are still ahead. They all leave the room very pleased with themselves, but Crane is having a little more trouble believing it’s over. With one last long look, he grabs the grimoire and leaves with his Leftenent.

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2 Comments on Sleepy Hollow – S2E18 – Tempus Fugit

  1. I thought last week?s episode was fantastic and my favorite of the series, but this one might actually be my favorite of the series. I would be okay with how the show ends if there is no season 3 ( PLEASE let there be a season 3), but the ending seemed like it would make a decent series finale.
    After a full season of hit or miss episodes I had lost faith in the show and the writers. I was worried about how the finale would play out, but I?m so happy they pulled it off. So many good things happened, the most obvious being Katrina dying. Bout. Damn. Time. The episode had a good balance of humor and action, it reminded me why I fell in love with the show in the first place.
    Tom and Nicole are fan-fucking-tastic together! I don?t think their characters will ever become anything more than friends, but that won?t stop my little shipper heart from shipping. Tumblr went crazy last night when they found out the password to her phone is Ichabod?s birthday and I almost broke my DVR because I rewatched that hug scene a million times.
    I loved that we got to see Ichabod vs modern technology. I laughed so damn hard when he slid that phone across the table. Abbie taking down that grown ass man was also great. I want to be Abbie Mills when I grow up.
    I don?t think there was anything I hated about the episode. If I had to complain about anything it would be that Katrina took too damn long to die and really didn?t need to see Henry one last time.
    Crossing my fingers and toes for a 3rd season. I need to see the Captain and the Leftenant together again. Team Witness represent!

  2. Loved it! Absolutely loved it!!! Definitely one of my favorite episodes of the entire series!

    When Team Witness is together, the show is awesome!

    And this episode was so freakin action packed! Loved it! Badass Ichabod on the battlefield. Badass Abbie taking down asshole men twice her size. What’s not to love!

    Y’all know I had my reservations about Abbie being back in the 1700s but the show handled it ok. I was worried. At least Ichabod never took her to the camp for runaway slaves.

    Loved the Ben Franklin scenes! Especially when he first saw Abbie. He totally checked her out! Lol! And I love how he believed her right away and also knew to send Ichabod outta of the room so they could talk about how Katrina was a treacherous bitch! But man, when Headless showed up & actually beheaded Franklin, well, twitter went off! Couldn’t believe that had happened!

    But man, so much happened in this episode. So much good. Even Katrina didn’t annoy me! If she’d come out of purgatory evil like this, we wouldn’t have been complaining so much. Evil Katrina gave that actress something to work with and you could see she was enjoying the evil. The scene where Ichabod sees her after Abbie dropped the baby/witch/trying to kill you bomb on him was great. Constantly trying to stab that man in the back. Lol. He took it rather well tho considering.

    Absolutely loved that Abbie got to meet Grace. That was such a sweet moment. How would any of us have reacted meeting an ancestor as great as Grace. It was such a heartfelt moment. And I swear Abbie & Grace seriously resemble each other.

    I love that Abbie was able to see Ichy in his natural habitat. So she & Katrina were the only ones with memories of that time. Katrina came back trying to kill. But Ichabod wouldn’t let her. Do you think he made the conscious decision to kill her or were they struggling for that knife and she lost the struggle? I have to rewatch to be sure. But man it felt good to see her die and him be the one to have to do it. Please let this show be renewed so we can see if having to kill his wife to FREAKIN SAVE ABBIE is gonna affect their relationship. He seemed a little dazed and confused at the end there. And Abbie wasn’t exactly oh I’m sorry you had to kill your wife or that I killed your son or anything. Considering they’d been actively trying to kill her for a while probably made it hard for her. But at least Jenny offered condolences. And Irving is back on Team Witness!!! Yaaaaaassss!! Ichabbie & Mr. & Mrs. BAMF are together again!

    Now for my favorite part of the whole episode. Ichabod going thru her things and trying to unlock her cell phone. OMG! That was PRICELESS! He slid it across the table! I almost fell off my couch laughing!

    Let’s hope Fox gives them another chance. The ended it in a way that was satisfying to most of the fans & didn’t leave us hanging. Please let it come back! They definitely have more stories to tell! Hopefully this will not end up being the last podcast you guys do on Sleepy Hollow. If it is, thank you so much for putting out this great podcast. I gave up on the after buzz one, but never on you guys.

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