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Sleepy Hollow – S2E2 – The Kindred

Previously on Sleepy Hollow, ‘This Is War’

The headless horseman rides up to a flaming circle, chaining Katrina to two pillars. Henry cuts their hands and their blood mingles. The horseman prepares to cut her head off so they can truly be together… anddddd fakeout. Another Ichabod dream.

But it is also a real thing: the Codex Tchacos, another apocryphal book, tells of a ceremony in which a harbinger of the apocalypse bonds with a human bride, Ichabod tells Abbie. She quips that it’s not up to Martha Stewart’s standards, blowing his mind yet again with the idea of a wedding “industry.” Abbie points out that Abraham is probably holding Katrina in some ritzy place and sets Ichabod on the task before meeting the interim sheriff since Frank Irving is still in the big house. Leena Reyes immediately calls Abbie out on being late, being a problem, and being her mother’s daughter, and says she’s going to bring some “sanity” back to this here town. Slow your roll, Border Patrol, this isn’t the damn Wire.

Ichabod remembers the location for Abraham and Katrina’s engagement party back in the day so they head there. Abbie’s pretty dubious about wasting time on rescuing his wife considering the Horsemen Twins are right in town, but he says she could be useful with her witchery, and, you know, the fact that he’s basically not going to focus until they get her. Sure enough, when they arrive, they find the twisted wedding ceremony set up, so they go back to the cabin to discuss strategy. There, the Ichabbenny trio (yes, that is happening, so just accept it) discover a sketch in Franklin’s notebook of “the Kindred” aka Franklin-stein’s monster, strong enough to contain death’s spirit and go up against the Horseman of Death. Franklin and the coven never raised the creature due to a missing body part from the horseman himself, which of course they now have. Abbie’s like, get a grip, dude, the Horseman could get his head back if this doesn’t work ANDPLUSALSO we can’t control this thing, but Ichabod is too excited so they all agree to go for it.

Henry finds himself called to Moloch’s candle chamber in big trouble, which is weird because last episode Moloch seemed over it. Henry swears to find a place for him to rise, and Moloch is like, Shut up, son, I’ll do it my damn self, just keep doing what I said and stay out of my way. Meanwhile, at Camp Ritzy, the UnHeadless Horseman fusses with Katrina, planting seeds of jealousy about all those Ichabbie hugs. Even the undead are sailing that Ship.

Abe and Katrina Sleepy Hollow 2x02

Irving’s having a rough time in jail, as one can imagine. Abbie’s asks him for the location of the head, so he points her to the bank. She strongly encourages him to get himself committed anyway because it’s way easier to visit there. Once at the Savings and Loan, Ichabod loses it on a poor bank officer because the pen is chained up but the credit is free when mercifully Abby appears and they take the head home.

Sheriff Reyes continues making herself a pain in the ass by showing up in the secret research room and arresting Jenny for possession of a firearm. Are you serious right now? Doesn’t she have, like, paperwork to do? I can’t with this woman. When the rest of the team shows up, she’s got Jenny in the tank and dresses down Ichabod as a worthless history professor. THIS BITCH.

Irving Sleepy Hollow 2x02

Irving’s got himself on a lie detector, explaining that he felt responsible for the murders but that it was, in fact, a demon. The sheriff hatefully concedes that his results earn him commitment before spitting that she’ll make sure he gets all the latest treatments, like heavy drugs and electroshock therapy, for his hallucinations. And I am all done with her.

Ichabbie search the underground tunnels for the Kindred when bats sweep down, reminding her of purgatory. She admits it got to her and that the worst part was seeing fake Ichabod, saying “I’ve never been so happy to see anyone in my LIFE.” “My faith in you is my greatest weakness,” she goes on, and he has a thought that maybe his faith in Katrina is a problem for him. Abbie suggests that maybe his whole family tree is a problem. They find the vault which is, of course, booby trapped with the first battery and the coffin slides out.

Abe and Henry Sleepy Hollow 2x02

Camp Ritzy. Katrina snoops on a meeting between Henry and Abraham to see her son, but he mockingly refuses to engage, telling her they’re coming to save her but nobody will save them nyah nyah. So mature.

As dusk sets in, Abbie and Ichabod go over their plan to set the two monsters against each other while he runs in to rescue Katrina. He reads the incantation, repeating it desperately as the sun sets. You know it needed to be dark anyway. Duh. (ProFan Chanse pointed out that part of the incantation text is from Lovecraft’s “Call of Cthulhu”.)

Katrina tries to talk Abraham out of killing Ichabod because of his role in the apocryphals but he’s not having it. The she tries sympathy, saying she only used Ichabod to get away from a quick engagement, so spare Ichabod and she’ll participate in the ceremony of her free will after “time.” It wasn’t a great lie, but he wants to believe hard enough to nod his nonhead and meet the Kindred, which revives at his approach.

Ichabod unties Katrina but she refuses to leave, saying Abraham will scorch the earth to get her. She’s totally safe right now because he’ll wait forever Pinteresting ideas on his Satanic Wedding Board while she delays endlessly and finds out all his plans. Also, THEIR SON, Ichabod! This is totally going to work and he won’t figure it out at ALL. They kiss dramatically. He looks agonized and Abbie is like, you have GOT to be joking that we went through all this trouble for her to stay, but hey, if you want me to go back to my nice cozy cabin with your man, you don’t have to ask me twice. Yes, I added all that. Sue me.

Out in the Battle O’ Evil Dudes, Henry sends in his flaming swordsman to really muck things up. The Kindred almost has Headless dead to rights when the flaming knight gets Abbie in a bind, so the Kindred protects her instead, giving her a growly nod. As the pair run out of the house Katrina-less, the Kindred leaves the other two dudes in the dust and follows mom and dad away, disappearing into the night. Abraham staggers back inside, finding Katrina’s bindings undone but her still here, which he buys for now.

Back at the Cozy Cabin of Ichabbie Hugs, Abbie and Ichabod take a little victory lap with some sad happy music (TM Orlando Jones). Then Abbie pays Jenny a visit in jail, saying she’s got to play by the rules. Someone who isn’t playing by the rules? Sheriff This Bitch, gloating over a restrained Irving, wondering what else he’s not saying. But guess what? He’s not going to be saying anything, because Henry swoops in pretending to be a lawyer with some Legal Zoom injunction against involuntary treatments. He has the semi-drugged Frank sign a document with his pen which oh-so-coincidentally pierces his finger so that he signs IN BLOOD. Nooooooooooooo.

Score | 7/10Next time: An evil coin turns Jenny against Abby. Again.


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2 Comments on Sleepy Hollow – S2E2 – The Kindred

  1. Mannnnnn…listen. I don’t even know where to start. First we have Crane & Jenny building a monster in the backyard like Leggos, then Katrina saying “Thanks, but no thanks” to Crane for the attempted rescue. Excuuuuuuuuuuuse, me, ma’am????

    And um….the KISS between Crane and Katrina. Crane wants so desperately to honor his wife in spite of everything. This is why we all LOVE him so. I hope she’s worth it, Crane. For YOUR sake. Katrina is a powerful witch according to Crane. Not buying it until I have proof.

    The new sheriff? Something about her is alarming. I won’t judge yet, because I used to side-eye Capt Iriving in the beginning too. Did anyone else see “another Crane ” walking about in the cave when Abby & Crane went down to retrieve the tomb?

    Where did Franklinstein run off to? Is it only loyal to Abby & Crane? How will they summon it when needed again?

    Jenny without her guns is not a good thing, and Capt Irving: WHAT. DID. YOU. JUST. DO??? (signed contract from Jeremy).

    So many things left open at the end of this episode, and I’m here for it all!

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