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Sleepy Hollow – S2E3 – Root of All Evil

Previously on Sleepy Hollow, ‘The Kindred’

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Cap’n Irving has managed to get himself committed to Tarrytown on Abbie’s recommendation, but as Ichabbie discover, that may not have been the best piece of advice because now they’re barred from visiting him by his lawyer. Which makes this the moment they discover that Henry Parrish is Irving’s lawyer. I know Irving’s been busy, but did no one find the time to tell him about this guy? The duo start scouring the town for Parrish, but are interrupted with a little police work when shots are fired at the local bank. Abbie rushes in, tries to talk the woman down; her face keeps going shadowed and something is clearly amiss with her, but Sheriff Reyes storms in and fires one clean shot into the woman’s chest, so that’s one mystery that won’t be solved.

Back at the bat cave, Ichabbie review bank footage and realize that the victim took a coin out of a deposit (as if banks even accept coins anymore), and they leap to the conclusion that the coin must be what wreaked all this havoc. Of course, Ichabod backs up his wild theory with a totally plausible anecdote: Benedict Arnold once had a magic shekel which “possessed” him and forced him to be the terrible traitor history knows him for. This must be that one same coin! Meanwhile Jenny is hacking into personnel files at the police station to discover that Sheriff Reyes is the one who got their mother put into the mental institution, which Abbie sort of already knew but forgot to share. With a few choice words, Jenny storms out of the bat cave mid-argument.


While looking for Jenny and information on the coin, Ichabbie meet up with one of Miss Jenny’s shady, yet adorable, “business associates”, Nick Hawley, who sort of confirms Ichabod’s theory about the Tyrian shekel, and even drops a little knowledge on the historian: it’s actually one of 30 pieces of silver. You know, one of those 30 pieces of silver.

Benedict coin

Another incident with the coin leads a young man to blow up his father’s flower shop–with his father in it–and while Abbie searches for the coin in the police evidence room (two crimes, and it hasn’t made it’s way there yet), Ichabod runs into his son Jeremy/Henry/War. The lawyer warns his father that the coin does not turn a person evil, but merely brings their darker nature to light, and probably would have given away more clues if they hadn’t been interrupted by Sheriff Reyes. Since she banned Ichabod from doing any more police work, what with him not being a cop and all, she was quite surprised to see him at the station; next time she sees him, which will also be in 24 hours, he had better have some sort of identification on his person.

While Ichabod and the Sheriff go toe to toe, Jenny is working off her community service hours and scrubbing graffiti off a wall when interrupted by a tiny, silver, whispering coin. She picks it up and her face goes dark, and Parrish slinks off in the background. Oh no–not Jenny!

Ichabbie meet hopefully recurring guest Nick Hawley at a bar to discover that Jenny is now Evil Jenny and has stolen one of Nick’s guns and is most likely out hunting down Abbie, the cause of her most recent turmoil. Abbie goes to look for her at the station (which is literally the last place she would be) and learns that the Sheriff has gone hunting in the woods. Maybe Jenny isn’t after Abbie–maybe she’s after the Sheriff! The hunter becoms the hunted, and soon to be dead based on the caliber of bullet Jenny’s going to put in her. Meanwhile, Ichabod and his new nemesis Nick are at a church figuring out a way to steal a stained glass window, because naturally the only way to transport the evil coin is sandwiched in layers of consecrated glass.

The three meet up at the woods, where they find Sheriff Reyes in some sort of hunting blind, and also Jenny with her scope aimed right on the Sheriff’s head. Oh, they also have a little time to discuss Katrina, and Abbie’s skepticism of leaving Katrina behind and also of which side her loyalties will come down on when she has to choose between her husband and her son (Prediction: It’s going to be her son).

jennys got a gun

But back to the issue at hand: Abbie steps in front of Jenny’s scope, talks a lot of sense to her (and maybe a little nonsense, too), convinces Jenny to let her take the shot instead, and then all of a sudden Ichabod tackles Jenny and the coin flies from her hand, releasing its shadowy grip on her face. Abbie almost reaches for it, attracted by its whispers, but Ichabod gives it a kick and Nick catches it in the glass sandwich. Well played, boys!

Now that the coin is out of the way (or missing, rather, since Nick immediately disappears with it when no one is looking. Maybe he’s a ghost!), Crane takes a moment to sneak in to Tarrytown to warn the Cap’n about his lawyer the demon, and to maybe not trust him quite so much. The Cap’n, after an entire season of this shit, still looks skeptical. Abbie, in to see Sheriff Reyes, is secreted the file on her mother by the Sheriff and discovers that her mom also saw demons–so she wasn’t crazy, she was being haunted just like Abbie and Jenny!

Nick Hawley, who we will forever after call Nick Henley in honor of the only kind of shirt he owns, shows up to redeem himself one last time before the episode ends: in exchange for the super valuable coin that he took without anyone’s knowledge or permission, he brings Ichabod one set of well forged identification documents. Now Crane can legally order a beer. Hooray for happy endings!

Nick Henley

Almost. Parrish, who taken residence at his birth house up the road from Headless (at the advice of his mother), recalls the moment of his birth with what looks like sentimentality; that is, until he raises his hand and lights his birth-bed on fire. So much for any good feelings between mother and son!

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