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Podcast Fandom Episode 143: Sleepy Hollow S2E4 ‘Go Where I Send Thee’

Sleepy Hollow S2E4 Podcast Image

In this week’s Sleepy Hollow podcast: 
  • Irving confronts Henry about his true identity and learns his soul has been jacked
  • #SpilledTeaWithIchabod Moments: 2 (Betsy Ross was hot for him; Daniel Lancaster wasn’t shit)
  • Which ship are we on this week? Ichabbie or Crabby?: Ichabbie
  • Ichabbie Hugs: 0 (Unfortunately!)
  • Man Out of Time Moment: None! Ichabod can drive… very well, in fact!
  • Nicknames: Ricky Bobby (Ichy Bobby), Shakespeare, Pride and Prejudice
  • FanFic Moments: 3 (Ichabod uses Abbie’s full government name in his “till death due us part” speech; up against the tree; you got something on your mustache).

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