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Sleepy Hollow – S2E5 – The Weeping Lady

Previously on Sleepy Hollow, ‘Go Where I Send Thee’


Breeches and hose

Ichbod, who clearly has a thing for redheads, is hanging out with his reenactment friend Caroline at base camp; she’s brought him some new, super-authentic colonial duds in exchange for being completely mortified to find out he has a wife AND a partner. Not quite the fair deal, but Ichbod tries his best to rectify the situation later by apologizing for her confusion and really, really wanting to stay friends. Ichabod may have deftly handled a break up or two in the past.

Unfortunately for him, they don’t stay friends for very long, since the next morning Ichabod and Abbie find Caroline’s body washed up on the banks of the old Sleepy Hollow river. Some well-placed research points The Witnesses to the ghost of The Weeping Lady, a local (and normally benign) legend of a woman who took her life after being spurned by a lover. But why is this iteration of the sad spirit so angry? I bet Nick Henley will know! Luckily for Abbie, she runs into him at the library and he gives her a little free information. First one is always free, Abbie–don’t fall for it! Henley actually offers to help out the next time they need him, so they’ll be square after he disappeared with that enchanted bone flute last time and then sold it to the highest evil demon bidder.

Dark wings dark words

While Abbie and Henley are sharing notes, Crane gets a note of his own–Katrina has coerced a giant raven to deliver a note to him. It must be information about Henry Parrish’s plan! And how to defeat Moloch! Having Katrina as a mole is finally paying off! Or it’s just a note reminding Crane that she misses him and loves him and is thinking about him… which is also nice.

As Abbie searches for Crane to rejoin him, she’s distracted by a woman loudly sobbing in what looks like a water-logged corner of the library. It’s the Weeping Lady! Abbie shoots, but the Weeping Lady takes her down, and by down I mean that she drags her underwater in an attempt to drown her. Ichie thrusts his hand into the puddle the Lady has left behind and pulls Abbie back out to dry land, then Henley jumps in with a little mouth-to-mouth rescue.

The hug heard round the world

When Abbie dries out and is up and running, she shows Crane what she snagged from her synchronized swim: a swatch of lace from the Weeping Lady’s veil. Crane looks horrified, and he tells Abbie the story of Crazy Mary, a childhood friend who believed she was in love with Ichabod, and believed Katrina was in love with him, too. Not accepting his resignation as betrothed, she was going to force Crane to choose her over Katrina, but instead disappeared the next morning with a very polite, non-crazy goodbye letter, which made total sense at the time. Now she’s an angry ghostie and is dead set on going after all of the women Crane cares about. Oh, and since we’re talking about letters, where IS that lovely lunchbox note that Katrina wrote Crane? He realizes he’s misplaced it, and the last time he had it was… when he pulled Abbie out of Crazy Lake. Well, shit.

The Weeping Lady

Ichabie race to HH Manor. They have to get there before Mary to keep Katrina safe, but they’re too late. Abbie remembers that one time earlier that day when she was taken by a Weeping Lady ghost, and the water she was drowning in turned out to be the Sleepy Hollow river. To the River! Now Katrina, don’t forget, is a powerful witch, and actually pretty handily breaks free from the underwater struggle. She finds Ichabod on dry land, and they agree only mean ol’ Henry Parrish could have worked this kind of black magic. She can fix it, but she’ll need Abbie to act as a co-witch. Oh, and she’ll have to do black magic herself. No big deal. Katrina’s first time ever dabbling with black magic works like a charm, and as Crazy Mary rushes towards her she collapses into a dying human, non-ghost state. Ichabod, always sentimental, comforts her in her last moments of life after death after life by asking her why she left that note. Mary spends her last ounce of energy answering his question by pointing to Katrina, then immediately decomposes.

Them be witches

Why in the world would she point at Katrina? Crane wonders that as well, and Katrina haltingly explains in her not-guiltiest voice that she was just trying to talk to Mary, but then Mary accidentally fell off a cliff and died. Katrina panicked and sent Crane the fake note so that he wouldn’t worry about Mary. It makes total sense, except for that aghast look on Ichabod’s face. All of a sudden HH rides in and is about to take Crane’s head off until Katrina begs him not to; Abraham was coming to save her, but since Crane seems to have already taken care of it, HH owes him enough to at least not kill him. She willingly leaves with him, and they ride off together to go “home”, leaving Ichabod to figure out who it is exactly that he’s married to.

Moloch, who we haven’t seen in awhile and has gotten himself some fancy new cenobite duds, is taking a few minutes to chew Henry Parrish out again. What does it take to get a good henchman these days? Moloch was not a fan of the Weeping Lady either, and he’s pissed that Katrina was ever in danger. It sounds sweet, until he calls her his “Hellfire Shard” and “chosen vessel”. He wants her turned, not dead, and even if we have no idea what that means it can only end poorly for Kat. Hey, Jenny’s back! And she’s visiting her adorable friend Nick Henley on his boat! She’s returning a test weapon that Ichabbie borrowed (didn’t work), and then performs her own CPR on Henley (totally worked). So they do know each other!

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