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Sleepy Hollow – S2E6 – And the Abyss Gazes Back

Previously, on Sleepy Hollow:The Weeping Lady

Ichabod tree pose yoga Sleepy Hollow 2x06


Quick stats!

Man out of time moments: Crane practicing yoga, wearing yoga pants, and saying, “buns.” Crane asking if Superman was the “arachnid fellow.” Crane using a breathalyzer, saying he “won.” Crane gaming online, getting fragged.

Shade thrown:

Ichabod: “These unwinding activities, your yoga, your video games, they miss the point of relaxation. ‘The grass does not try to grow, the water does not try to flow…’.”

Abbie: “Yeah, well, Lao Tzu never had to hunt down a Wendigo.”

MOTW: Wendigo

Wendigo in Masonic cell Sleepy Hollow 2x06.bmp


Curse enacted: Henry turns Joe Corbin Jr. into a Wendigo using the Pied Piper’s pulverized bone pipe on a letter. Joe unwittingly slaughters his entire platoon (first change) and his friends (second change), chases Crane through the woods (third change), is blackmailed into trading the Rare Item of the Week to Henry for a cure, and subsequently betrayed into the fourth, permanent change, unless….

Rare item of the week: Jincan/Gu – rare Chinese poison made by pitting several venomous creatures against each other, concentrating the poison within the winner. Black magic which can transform into an animal. Used to manipulate lovers, create cancer, cause death.

Jincan Sleepy Hollow 2x06


Betrayal: Henry to Joe. “Your true curse is humanity. Abbie will see you for your true nature: a creature of war.”

The cure: Recite a Shawnee incantation written on a skull and blood drawn from the Wendigo with an obsidian knife.

Spilled tea: Daniel Boone’s hat choice (beaver vs raccoon) and the scars it allegedly covered, resulting from his brother’s Squire Boone’s cannibalism/Wendigoism.

Ichabod’s colonial expertise: A red fox foot totem hanging in the Shawnee’s garage means they’re a hunting party and the owner of the foot is a shaman.

Colonial insults doled out: Rantipole, shotton herring, scurvy louse, slop bucket, puss sludge no good by-blow pair of buns

Flashbacks: Corbin Sr. telling Abby about his son, whom she babysat.

Touching moments: Abby telling Crane about Joe Jr pretending to be Superman as a child, yelling to her, “I’ll save you!” Joe Jr. advising Ichabod that he tell Henry he loves him.


Joey Corbin Sleepy Hollow 2x06


Hawley’s usefulness: Providing Shawnee contacts

Hawley nicknames granted: WendiJoe, Mr. Dances with Wendigos, Big White & Horny

Hawley, Abbie, Jenny triangle moments: 2

Hawley, Abbie, Ichabod triangle moments: 2

Ichabod vs Hawley eyerolls: 4

Henley colors: Sage green, cream

Frank and Jenny, aka Mr and Mrs BAMF, appearances: Both

Frank’s usefulness: 50% (finally admits Moloch owns his soul)

Faces punched: Frank vs drunk driver that injured his daughter, also in Tarrytown.

Underworld Jenny: Steals cadaver organs to feed Wendigo

Crane’s hair: Luscious and flowing

Ichabbie hugs: None

Score | 9.5/10Ichabbie bonding moments: Ichabod slices his hand after Abbie cuts hers so that they are bonded in hunting the Wendigo together

Usernames generated: IchabodCrane1749

Hashtags generated: #Haloismybitch12

Katrina’s uselessness: 100%. Duh.

Henry’s Nasty Creature of Evil: Jincan hexed into a spider which crawls into Katrina’s mouth. Didn’t Moloch tell you to leave that woman alone?! You’re grounded, Henry. Again.

Jincan curse spider Sleepy Hollow 2x06

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  1. You forgot the Dances with Shawnee nickname Henley gave Ichabod.

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