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Podcast Fandom Episode 155: Sleepy Hollow S2E8 ‘Heartless’

Sleepy Hollow S2E8 Henry and Succubus

In this week’s Sleepy Hollow podcast:

  • We love a good succubus.
  • Abby is pretty much over Katrina’s ass.
  • What’s Crane’s secret desire?
  • Hawley’s back muscles, tho.
  • Man Out of Time Moments: 2 – Crane knows about nightclubs and macking.
  • Ichabbie Hugs: 0
  • Which Ship Are We On This Week? Ichabbie or Crabby? Crabby. Crane leaves Abby to do all the work while Katrina needs to take a nap… or something.

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  1. Will be listening after my appointments today! Woohoo!

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