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Sleepy Hollow – S2E8 – Heartless

Previously on Sleepy Hollow, ‘Deliverance’

It looks like Katrina is officially part of Team Beat Moloch, and what better way to contribute to saving humanity than sitting in bed with her husband (fully clothed–she is still Colonial, after all) analyzing reality TV and talking about her relationship with Icky. Huh, maybe she has turned into a modern girl!

Abbie breaks up the cuddle party (but not in the way any of us would prefer) to announce that a) evil is still out there and b) it’s probably doing something they’ll need to stop. A little scant on details, but it turns out she’s correct as we watch Henry in his secret lair pull a shriveled heart from an antique urn… and it starts to beat! A few magical words and all of a sudden Henry is not alone in the room: he’s sharing his space with a pretty, naked woman.

Pretty Woman walks into a bar. Nope, Pretty Woman walks into Sleepy Hollow’s local rave joint to witness one poor nerd who can’t talk to his dream girl. All of a sudden, Pretty Woman is standing in front of the dejected boy, twirling her ponytail and fiddling with her new black frame glasses, having not-very-subtle conversations about wants and desires. Minutes later they’re in the back seat of his car together, and as nerdy boy tries to get to know her (or at least get to know her name), Pretty Woman starts to glow, and like a cat in a crib she steals his breath, then sucks his entire life force out of him!

nerd corpse

There is nothing left of the poor nerdy boy but a desicated husk of a body, which is how Mills and Crane view him at the crime scene. Abbie, pretty irritated that Henry has conjured yet another baddie to fight, gets even more bothered by Ichabod’s obtuseness over Henry still having any good left in him at all.

Back at Henry’s evil lair, he has to listen to Abraham whine about Katrina. She was just starting to turn to their side, and stupid Moloch won’t even let HH ride off and steal her back! Not that Henry cares, because as soon as Pretty Woman shows back up, he cuts Abraham off to attend to his lady friend. Remember that jar of swirly red electricity from the end of last week? It’s full of souls, and Pretty Woman deposits the poor nerd’s soul into the mix by way of vomit.

soul asylum

Abbie shows Katrina pictures of the poor nerdy vic, and the witch recognizes the holes in the body as being the vitae points of the body, but her revelation is cut short by a vision. These have been happening a lot lately, and this one involves a baby and a beating heart, and it knocks the wind out of her. Ichabod tries to soothe her, but can’t provide the quince tea that Abraham would bring her.

The Pretty Woman, which everyone except our heroes knows is a Succubus, has found another victim: a third wheel lesbian who was just accidentally rejected by her crush’s boyfriend. I’m glad this is such a progressive Succubus!


With two vics in one night, Abbie breaks down and takes her case to the other supernatural expert in town. That’s right–Nick Henley is back! Back, and as useless as ever. He doesn’t know anything, doesn’t want to know anything, and also CLEARLY is pining over Abbie. Since Abbie doesn’t have time for fun, she rejects Henley and they part ways. Sort of. She parts, he moves to the end of the bar to flirt. This “macking” is what gives Ichabbie their clue, and they finally figure out they’re dealing with a Succubus! And none too soon, as Nick Henley has just been hit on by a suspiciously Abbie Mills-esque Succubus in disguise.

Katrina, who only seems to know relevant information if you feed her the answers first, schools the team on succubi: if you have a secret desire, it will mimic that desire to go after your sweet sweet soul. They do a little scrying to find the monster (they must have watched Constantine, because this is the first scrying they’ve tried yet), and it’s at the harbor. Oh no, Nick Henley lives at the Harbor!

soul sucker

Ichabbie race to the harbor as Nick Henley strolls up with Succubus Abbie Mills. As she starts to glow and go for his neck, he touches her with some glowing crystal. Ichabod runs up behind her and beans her with a metal pipe, but the monster escapes (even with Abbie’s gunshot to the chest!). Nick Henly is grateful for the rescue, even though the “secret desires” thing for Abbie is totally going to make it weird.

Katrina has another baby vision and figures out that the Succubus is collecting souls to feed to the baby, and the baby is Moloch! With their supernatural encyclopedia collection, our good guys put a name to the Succubus as an Incordata: a succubus whose heart is outside her body, and must be destroyed before the demon can be killed.

boys night out

A plan has come together, and Ichabod and Nick Henley head to the Bronze to find the Succubus, which despite the seizure-inducing lights and music, does not take long. Armed with magical weapons, the pair split up and Ichabod races through the joint in hot pursuit. The ladies, who have gone to the cemetery to look for the hidden heart, stop to have a quick heart to heart about the saving strength of a mother’s love and stumble upon a hex-enchanted crypt. Not very subtle, but that’s most likely where you’re going to find a Succubus’ heart, right?

They quickly find the Urn Most Likely to Contain a Demon Heart, but naturally it’s enchanted with the fears of whomever is trying to molest it, like a big ol’ Do Not Disturb sign. Abbie (who does not seem all that scared of maggots after all) sticks her hand in and retrieves the beating heart. Success! Katrina starts the incantation to destroy it, because you can’t just hack it into pieces, and Abbie gets on the phone with Nick Henley to give him the heads up.

But the Succubus has other plans, and turns her charms onto to Ichabod, who has cornered her. Remember how she looks like Katrina? Totally planned. Crane, who will only fall for one sexy beast, thank you very much, stabs the monster with the enchanted dagger, but since the heart hasn’t been destroyed yet, this move backfires. Katrina, still chanting, gets knocked out from the blow, and once again Abbie has to take up the witch’s pointy hatted mantle and save the day.

You know who doesn’t like getting stabbed? Succubi. Nick Henley finally shows up, and the boys are getting their asses beat while Abbie stumbles through the incantation. The heart bursts into flames, and none too soon: one shot from Ichabod’s pistol and the Succubus disintegrates into a dusty heap.

The day is saved, and as the ladies leave the cemetery, Katrina explains her plan to save Henry. Managing not to roll her eyes even once, Abbie is left to tell Ichabod that Katrina is going back to Abraham to gain his trust to get close to Henry to take care of the demon baby to kill Moloch. Hope she takes a deep breath before she has to relay that message! She makes sure Nick Henley is okay first, and offers a peace offering of a petrified Succubus heart, which he gladly accepts.

family reunion

Ichabod takes the news of Katrina fairly well, conceding that she is a pretty good spy. And as she makes amends with Abraham, Henry brings her into the fold by inviting her into the nursery. Her enchanted emerald necklace starts to glow, and as she leans over the demon’s crib, she’s greeted by…a cooing little baby! That’s not a demon at all! And by the adoring look on her face, Katrina is going to fall for the “demon baby who looks like a regular adorable baby so that no one suspects a thing” ruse. Oldest trick in the damn book.

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2 Comments on Sleepy Hollow – S2E8 – Heartless

  1. I liked last night’s episode but there were a couple of moments that annoyed me a bit. First, I’m feeling some kinda way that nobody seems to hear Abby as she tries to remind them, over and over again, that Henry is evil. Yes, he’s your son but he’s a friggin’ horseman of the apocalypse. There isn’t a twelve step program for that! Second, I understand that Katrina feels sorrow for not being there for her child growing up but the whole “It’s a baby and it will soften my resolve” reaction just bugged me for some reason. Yes, it’s a cute baby but it’s being presented to you by a (forgive me for repeating myself) FRIGGIN’ HORSEMAN OF THE APOCALYPSE!

    I’ll end on this… Did Abby teach Ichabod about the wonders of a VO5 hot oil treatment? Because his hair was extra fab. u. lussssss last night.

  2. Hawley aka Henley & Ichy are quite amusing. I’m pretty sure the doubt Ichy had is his heart had to do With his treacherous wife. Or lusting after Abbie. Maybe both.

    Not feeling Hawley crushing on Abbie. Not that I blame him but if he’s been intimate with her sister, that means hands off!

    While Ichatrina watching the bachelor was funny, man I can’t stand that chick. I really wanted Abbie to Jack her up! Hated her interfering with team witness! But the looks Abbie gave her throughout the whole episode were EVERYTHING! Cause she knows that chick is shady! And pretty much the worst witch ever! Abbie had to do all the work! And she had to finish the spell since ms. Powerful witch could even do that! Abbie saved the day! As usual!

    I feel bad for Abraham. He’s getting played all around. Played by Henry. Played by Katrina. Poor dude. But seriously, they need to remove his head again. Ugh.

    Katrina is so far off her game, if she even had any, that she can’t see she’s being played by Henry. She knows she saw all that red stuff feeding that thing! That ain’t no baby! Smh. And how was that thing even born in the first place?

    Smh! But still a pretty good episode. Can’t wait to hear the podcast! Glad to see I’m not the only one leaving feedback this week too! Woohoo!

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