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Sleepy Hollow – S3E1 – I, Witness

Previously on Sleepy Hollow

Headless Horseman is taking his nightly ride through the Sleepy Hollow woods, but is stopped midgallop by some wicked lightning and mysteriousbutobviouslyevil lady. This evil lady has no intention of letting HH go around her; with a few words of a song, she evaporates HH into a foul, dusty mist and traps it in a box.

She speaks some menacing gibberish over the box (in fairness, it was probably a spell), and as she opens it a red, gooey form rises. The woods of Sleepy Hollow is still chock full o’ evil. Never change, SH.

Sleepy Hollow S3E1 - Crane in Jail

Images: FOX

It’s been 9 months since Abbie and Ichabod tried to save the world. Abbie is now a Special Agent for the FBI, and Crane… Crane is in the local pen. He’s only been there for a few days, but finally breaks down to call his longlost partner to bail him out. Since he has to give her something of an explanation, he talks about spending those months alone and healing and trying to find his new path and also he has Katrina’s old necklace and last night it broke and that means bad shit is about to rehit the fan. Oh, and the smuggling of undeclared antiquities. You know, run of the mill excuses.

In his soul searching, Crane found his own grave (creepy) and then broke into it (creepier). He found a hidden Sumerian engraved template, which he translated as The Legend of Sleepy Hollow. It’s the story of Ichabbie and their work as witnesses. Possibly. He hasn’t finished the translation yet, so it could be the story of their matching haircuts and impending deaths, for all we know.

Abbie is all fancy FBI now, but she’s not scared to go back to her roots and take the local calls. Someone found the dead yokels in a cabin in the woods – the ones who got in an argument earlier about Sally and her solid reputation, then got mauled to death by Zuul’s slimy red cousin.

Blood and body parts are everywhere, but there’s also some other weird red non-blood fluid that can’t be placed. Seems mysterious until Crane finds the biggest paw print ever in the mud by the well, which eclipses the notblood.

He sets the print on fire with his Dragon’s Breath powder and confirms that EVIL HAS RETURNED TO SLEEPY HOLLOW. That’s not hyperbole. It’s a direct quote.

Seriously, 9 months and Abbie is a Special Agent and has her own office?!? Crane is duly impressed but is still trying to convince her that she has a bigger, moresupernaturalless FBI job to do. When they learn the yokels had elevated levels of fear in their system, they head straight for the archives to research. It’s just like old times, or it could be if Abbie hadn’t moved most of the handy research material out of the archives before its impending demolition. Jenny shows up to greet Crane and makes lame excuses for where the Cap’n is (gone) and why (danger to his family). No one thinks to ask about poor Nick Henley. (We know his name is Hawley, but we call him Henley because it’s the only kind of shirt he wore.)

The fear that was in the yokels’ blood? Pandora is collecting it; fear is powerful and, when mixed with water, can be used to feed tree saplings.

The heroes don’t know anything about Pandora yet, but they have figured out that Zuul’s cousin is a Yaoguai, a demon who can paralyze victims with fear. It’s also a servant, which means someone has summoned it. Queue one authentic Crane historical flashback: Washington sent a secret note to Franklin on how to beat the red devil (this time not a euphemism for the British!) via super soldier/ Van Helsing extra/general badass Betsy Ross. Crane never found out what the note said, but since Sleepy Hollow is rife with historical artifacts, he and Abbie head to Colonial Medieval Times, where Jenny has located it.

Sleepy Hollow S3E1 - Crane with Bobblehead

An FBI badge will get your friends out of prison and all the visual access you want to restaurant decor, but that’s as far as it goes; Abbie has to literally steal the secret note away so that Crane can decipher it at the archives. Luckily Jenny is there to help out, and the two figure out that the Yaoguai demon is attracted by aggression and gunpowder. Uh oh, Abbie just left for a drug bust, which is practically made of aggression and gunpowder!

As she and her SWAT team close in on their mark, the Yaoguai leaps from roof to roof above them, but in an encounter inside the dark warehouse it slashes her boss’ throat and escapes before she can kill it. This will be the moment Abbie realizes she can’t forsake her supernatural calling for a normal life. 

The drug lord who escaped is now holding hostages and will only deal with Abbie. She has to go save innocent lives, leaving Crane and Jenny to follow with a plan and with weapons. She distracts the Drug Lord with a speech about stopping the monsters (but only the supernatural ones, not the flesh and blood crimering running ones in her own town) while the hostages make a hasty exit and also while the B Team is outside trying to make the demon appear.

The best plan they could come up with is “Crane distracts, Jenny shoots”, which unfortunately leaves a little out in the way of details. The plan goes to shit and the demon chases after Jenny, and Crane falls out of a window or something. Just as the demon is about to take out Jenny’s jugular, Abbie waltzes through the door and hits it with a bullet from 30 yards away.

Sleepy Hollow S3E1 - Crane and Abby

Abbie got Crane’s ancestral tablet back by pulling some more of those FBI strings, but the tablet is actually two piecesa piece swivels out of the back to reveal an artistic rendering of the Witnesses and a single word: Destroyers . Abbie still doesn’t think it’s a prophecy, but agrees their work isn’t complete and also that they have loads of questions with no answers. She bumps into Pandora, who is “new to town” and likes to make cryptic references to her box while her eyes flashsounds like she’ll fit right in to SH.

The good and the bad:

Brand new intro! I’m not gonna lie, when I saw Katrina’s silhouette at the opening I rolled my eyes, but that just may be a reflex to her character. I’m digging the new scenery and the creepy factor.

Haircuts all around. Months and continents apart, Ichabod and Abbie are still channelling their inner hair twinsies. Even the FBI squint with the bloodwork got in on the long wavy bob action.

Sleepy Hollow S3E1

Shannyn Sossamon made one hell of an introduction. I think she’s going to go the full season as their main opposition, and it’s going to be fantastic – more subtle than Headless, and more interesting than Katrina. There’s something indefinable about her that makes her work both as a period actor and as an evil villain.

Unfortunately, the same cannot be said for Nikki Reed, who will now officially be christened Katrina 2.

Sleepy Hollow S3E1 - Betsy Ross

The chemistry between Abbie and Crane was a little off until the end of the episode, understandably so. Game-score-8.5Crane in general felt a little lost and a little sad, but watching him ramp up to a Colonial Times rant felt like the good old days, and I’m hopeful it’s a sign of the great rants in his future.

The special effects of the Yaoguai’s face were great, maybe even on par with season one. But that must have been the whole effects budget for the episode, because the latex red Yaoguai bodysuit could have been a castoff costume from Signs.

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3 Comments on Sleepy Hollow – S3E1 – I, Witness

  1. Things I loved: This felt like season one charm with season three progression. The new monster was great, Shannyn’s character was great, the new intro was great, and of course it goes without saying that Ichabod Abbie, and Jenny were great. When I say I enjoyed it, I really did. This showed the promise I knew this show could have had season 2 if they didn’t fuck up. I loved the teasing and partnership between Abbie and Ichabod. It felt so natural. THIS is what I am talking about! Abbie shot that demon for her man and got that nice tall sexy hug from Ichabod (I hope you all get use to me fawning over him. I will keep it to a non-graphic minimum). I am so happy this show started off strong. Beyond my lust, the story was strong they showed real progression in Abbie and Ichabod’s lives and I feel like this is going somewhere. Things I am meh on: Ichabod’s hair! I don’t need it longer like before but I need his hair a little longer or styled differently because I don’t think it frames his beautiful, glorious, and symmetrical face; rather it makes him look too slim. I know this to be true for me because when I saw the scene with Betsy, and his hair was longer (semi long, may be mid length), he looked really good. Meh on Betsy for now. I need more on her before I make a judgment. And I am MEH ON DANY. Fuck off; I need no more to say that. He is mine (duck and watch my back for ProFans’ who love him too). Not showing Jenny more (but again, I’ll wait I think she may return to all of her glory).Things I didn’t like: Bringing up Katrina or his son. It wasn’t necessary it was wrapped up last season. Don’t bring their names up anymore. No fucking Irving! He was so fucking awesome and they need that man back on the show! I know he was fired, but my heart is broken :(Other things and questions: I’m still calling Abbie leftenant and I glad she kept that. I enjoy the humor between Crane and the detainee especially the hard knock life quote. Now why do they show this white man doing white people shit? I would have never gone into that cabin. Sleepy Hollow PSA if you hear screaming, you run! That is all.Do you think John Cho will come back? What do you think of Crane’s new hair? (If you didn’t already talk about this). Do you really expect Abbie and Ichabod to be together at the end of the show? (I’ll just say my answer for this one is no. He will go back in time or die because Fox doesn’t want to see us happy. But, I also guess that makes for a “good” story. But I really want them to be!)

  2. Lmao at that recap! Zuul’s cousin! 😂😂😂

    Since this is one of those highlight shows, prepare for a long ass feedback! (Insert evil laugh here.😈😉)

    Our heroes are back! But a lot has changed in 9 months and not just their hair, which is cute.

    Abbie is an FBI special agent now. How she did that in 9 months is beyond me but I don’t know how long that takes. And if her previous experience fast tracked her.

    Anywho, so C. Thomas Howell is her boss. That man pops up EVERYWHERE! But at least he’s a good guy this time. Last time I saw him, he was this psycho serial killer on Criminal Minds. Either way, should have known he wasn’t gonna make it to the end of the episode when he wasn’t in the new opening credits. (Btw, seeing Katrina still in there freaked me out for a minute too.)

    Somehow Crane winds up in the pen with Jesus as a cell mate and getting philosophical about Jay-Z songs. Lol. So how exactly was he able to keep Katrina’s necklace in jail? I thought they took all your stuff, including jewelry, so you can’t use it as a weapon. But it’s tv so what are you gonna do. Not surprised he bonded with folks. Crane does have that way about him.

    So it takes him 5 days to call Abbie? You arrest my ass, my first phone call will be to my BFF/fellow witness who’s in law enforcement!

    So happy to see them together again!!! And it’s as if evil waited until they were reunited to return! Love the new Big Bad! She’s appropriately creepy and deceptive. Plus she locked Headless in a box. Unfortunately the show felt the need to show Abraham and Katrina again while Ichabod told Abbie about the gem going dark. Totally unnecessary! But clearly Pandora is going to be a force to be reckoned with. And I like the use of mythology from other cultures.

    Unfortunately Irving is really gone. Could we have at least gotten a flashback of him? That would have been much note preferable to Katrina & Abe. But so happy to see Jenny is still her badass self! And she got the first Ichabod hug of the season! And he looked appropriately awkward. Lol. The only one he doesn’t awkwardly hug is Abbie but they waited until close to the end of the episode before we got our first Ichabbie hug of the season! Now that’s unacceptable! We must get at least a couple of their hugs an episode! I’m just saying! Lol

    So of course they defeat Zuul’s cousin, which I will always refer to him now, and all is well. Except that Pandora is hanging out at Jenny’s new day job. That ain’t good.

    And what was with that tablet? Not only did it predict the witnesses and call them destroyers. But it predicted their hair cuts too? Lol

    So what did you guys think? Solid season premiere. Love the new villain. Not here for Betsy Ross doing some kind of Black Widow impersonation tho. Can’t wait to hear the podcast! I’ve missed hearing you guys discuss Sleepy Hollow!

  3. A welcomed return to form with no annoying inept witch wife confused as shit about loving her husband, the ex she ditched for her husband, or evil sons older than his parents.

    No badass headless horsemen pussy whipped by his ex-fiancé that left him for his best friend and looks less badass with a head.

    Just the Trio of Tribulation(tm) back on the job of defeating evil in its many forms and the convenience of having all the answers in Sleepy Hallow, the sisters looking gorgeous, and Ichabod having met every important figure in history.

    I love this show

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