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Sleepy Hollow – S3E10 – Incident at Stone Manor

Previously on Sleepy Hollow, ‘One Life’

Images: FOX

Images: FOX

The Search Continues

There’s a new plan to find Abbie, and while Joenny commit felony B&E at Ezra Mills’ house–yes, her father–Crane builds them a lovely puppet theater to Jenny’s exacting specifications. It turns out to be an Astral Projection Booth (may or may not be the technical term), and with Abbie’s necklace, Grace Dixon’s diary, and Papa Mills’ stolen lighter, Crane lets his soul wander through universes in search of Abbie, tethered only by the light of a candle.

B Team

While Crane is sleep-searching for Abbie, Sophie shows up at Joenny’s door with a “hunch”. A construction worker died while working on a historical school, and Sophie thinks that this is one for the Mystery Team… or what’s left of it. When they deduce that it’s one ancient building’s rooftop Gargoyles making the mischief–because why wouldn’t it be that?–they look into the history of the building itself. Lafayette had it moved stone by stone from France to Sleepy Hollow for reasons. Obligatory Betsy Ross flashback fills in the rest of the story about General Howe sending the demon to keep France and the U.S. from forming an alliance, and this storyline instantly became boring. The team does some research, argues a little, make fun of Ichabbie while they’re not there, and eventually vanquish the demon into a pit of holy water and fresh cement.

OG Power Couple

The Hidden One and Pandora really need the Eye so that he can power up, but since Abbie has it with her wherever she is, it looks like they’re going to have to join in the hunt. Forever spying in her little pond, Pandora sees Crane has projected himself out to find Abbie and just follows his smoke trail.


Abbie’s new Purgatory is at least more scenic than the last one: plenty of caves and landscapes to explore, way less monsters popping up all the time. In fact she seems to pretty much be there by herself, so she spends her days exploring and mapping out this new territory, and her nights playing chess with her imaginary friend Ichabod. The sun never sets, though, so they’re not really her nights. But you can tell that she’s been there a long time because her hair has gotten long and wild; you can tell she’s going crazy because she’s playing chess with someone who isn’t there. These are the telltale signs. But she still has the Eye, and she found a rusty cutlass in a tree stump, so she’s got that going for her.

found her

But Crane does find her, and when he finally gets his astral body to take form in front of Abbie, she’s a little bit worse for wear. She doesn’t need food or sleep or regular hair maintenance, plus that pesky crazy that’s hovering right around her, means that there is something magical about her cave. Reading the Sumerian glyphs on the wall Crane figures out that not only are they in the temple of the Hidden One, but he’s got some big bad plans for their hometown. He also recognizes Abbie’s friend Rusty Cutlass because it belonged to Betsy Ross. Betsy is barely even in this episode and we can’t get away from her!

They’re interrupted by Pandora, who offers a pretty sweet deal: give her the Eye and she’ll get Abbie out of there. She must not know Abbie that well, ‘cause there’s no way Abbie can actually take that deal–she’s a Witness! She crushes the Eye with a rock, so no one gets to play with it, and in her rage Pandora cuts Crane’s vapor trail tie to his body, dooming his soul to forever wander around looking for himself.


Abbie takes a minute to wallow in her impending crazy, then decides to really, really find a way out this time. Crane’s voice guides her to Rusty Cutlass, and she pieces together the path that Betsy must have used to get out as well. Spelunking down an empty well and emerging in a lake, a plane flies overhead and she knows she’s home. Or at least, out of the Crazy Cave. She appears in the doorway just as Joenny discover that Crane is inconveniently no longer attached to his body. A little bit of pleading on Abbie’s part, and the candle relights itself as Crane’s soul rejoins his bones and he gasps awake.

Sleepy Hollow S3E10
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If you really want to summarize this episode, only three things happened: Abbie came back, Hidden One got his power, and Pandora is broken. Everything else that occurred in the hour was at best for entertainment value (Joenny snarking on Ichabbie’s SOP) and at worst to fulfill contractual obligations (Betsy Ross). Not even getting the full Monster of the Week treatment, the Gargoyle might be the weakest demon they’ve ever encountered. What minion of Hell can be defeated by cement?!? Maloch must be rolling in his super-heated grave.

Other than moving the story along at a glacial pace, this episode felt very specifically written to give Nicole Beharie a little room to stretch her acting muscles. Good for her for earning this opportunity…However…I think maybe she really excels in a team scenario, and there’s no reason to replace her phenomenal chemistry with Tom Mison with some watered-down Castaway retread. The dialogue on Sleepy Hollow is rarely strong enough to carry the whole show, and when almost nothing at all is actually happening except dialogue, it doesn’t leave much to take away at the end of the hour.

The side characters really got the good stuff for this episode: Joe and Jenny continue to be the most fun to watch and also look like they’re legitimately having fun, gargoyle-fighting aside. Shannyn Sossamon, as always, is deliciously languidly evil. I bet her newfound affliction is not going to bring out her warm and fuzzy side.

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